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As is seems now I have stalled on game and I don't have energy on this project, its hard to make this on my own, I need team.
Also we lost our copywriter and now seeking for another one.

So I would like to take more developers  on this project:
 - Coders (Backend core coder, Scripters);
 - Designers (3d, Illustrations);
 - Copywriter;
 - Music artist.

At this part project has no budget, so no payment:)

But plan is to make more playable game and try to put it on Kickstarter, and then maybe we will have normal budget and so...
If game makes to sales, idea is to divide all profit evenly on people in development group.

Here is game announcement and latest playable domo:
There is lot already added to game:
 - Functional but not ideal battle engine;
 - Skills system;
 - Radiation damage in radioactive areas;
 - Custom dialogues;
 - Boxes;

So interested ones please apply, and write something about yourself - projects/ games /skills usable for project and contact information.

Im a programmer and def interested. Whats your contact email?


my email is


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