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Hi all,

My wish is that WME could be used to create 1st person 360 degree panoramic games, like Scratches, AGON, Post Mortem etc etc.

I wanted to use this method for my latest project, and since WME is my favourite engine and I don't want to ever use any other engine, I obviously want to use WME to build this latest game, but since it doesn't support this type of adventure game, I'm a bit stuck.

So, what do you think? Can this feature be added?  ??? I think it would be useful for a lot of people, and would mean that WME then covered virtually all types of adventure games, 1st person and 3rd person, except for full 3D (see that other thread for that).  ;D

If it can't be done anytime soon, I'll still use WME of course, but I'll just have to do it with static 1st person views instead.

Hi TheDerman,

this pseudo3d view is not very difficult to code, but what would be IMO difficult is the animation - hotspot logic since you
with every change of camera perform a spherical mapping which then distorts the view and all regions needs to be recalculated.

But the main problem would be SceneEdit which would have been completely rewritten since you can't use the existing one
for that purposes (you would need the omni 3d view right there so you can define the hotspots etc. including the distortion already).

As I see it, if Mnemonic performed such a big changes he'd probably go with full 3d instead because people tend to hate this
panoramic view stuff. :)

But seriously, if you're looking for an engine, you can either try this thing in development:

or contact nucleosys if they wouldn't provie you theirs. :)

Best of luck.

I think people like it as much as they like anything - some like 1st person and not 3rd person, some the other way around, some like this 360 panning, but don't like real-time 3D - everyone likes different stuff. WME's greatness I think is in its customisation and feedom - having this 360 panning would just be another layer to add to that developer freedom. Full 3D would be fine too - let's just add everything to the engine, then we can choose whichever. :D

I've played with the SCream engine - currently, from what I see, it doesn't have any character support, and also lacks the total freedom to customise (interface, dialogues etc) that WME has. I understand your SceneEdit comments though - SCream doesn't have any GUI editors - it's all just in the code, including the hotspot definitions, which is fine by me, so maybe it could be added to WME without a need to change SceneEdit...??? As long as somehow the hotspots can be defined in the scripts, and displayed in a debug mode at runtime, so we can check they are ok. The same could be done for the walk areas and blocked areas too, for the NPC's maybe, but I don't know.  ???

Anyway, like I said, I don't want to use any other engine - I like WME - it's the best, so I'll use it anyway.  ;D  And, whether it can be done or not, it's still my wish.  8)

Hi there,

I think you forgot to post the link, you can get Scream (Scratches engine) here:

Don't get me wrong, I like 2.5D more than this 1st person stuff, but maybe it is the right choise for you. Scream uses Lua (script language), which is pretty easy to learn. I have no idea, how the engines behave on larger projects, but the developers confirm, that Scratches was completely done with it.

Good luck.


Why-oh-why... we had that topic several times, feel free to use the search or this fine link:

and maybe that older one, too:



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