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Orange Brat:
This is a fairly obligatory thread on engine forums, so I thought I'd port it.

Point and click adventure games are popping up on the Nintendo DS, and because of that touch sensitive screen, it's just made for the genre. Likewise, the Wii and its WiiMote are prime, as well.

It's no small feat and probably a pipe dream, but perhaps a WME port of one of these would be something to tackle one of these days. - Nintendo developer's site

Of course the idea is nice although I think it would be a little harder to make. While the SDK would still be using Windows the Runtime would be on the Wii, which I think is quite a different worl from what is made for windows. I'm not sure either it is easy for people that are not professional to get their hands on Development Hardware and Software for either of them. And then for us to test if there were any specific features, like the microphone on the DS or the Wii motion sensing.

As far as I know the only port that could be possible right now is for X360, because there is the XNA which is available for everyone, cost a little and can be played on any X360 with a developer account and then maybe distributed trhough the Marketplace. As far as I know there is no official way to make games for the DS or the Wii without getting through Nintendo. We can't jsut burn a Disc with the data and put it n the wii, nor make a cartridge.

So well I like the idea to have a port on this system, but I think it would not be so easy to do, nor to use for end users.

Orange Brat:
The main obstacle with console development is if you want create a commercial title you must get approval from the appropriate people(MS, N, Sony) to gain a license. After that you must invest in their respective expensive developer kits. However, in the case of the Nintendo Wii, the kit is much cheaper than the others (by many thousands of dollars...I believe the Wii kit is in the neighborhood of $2000...peanuts compared to the norm).

Of course, the costs are nothing if you are able to snag a publisher who wants to release your game. They'll fork over the funding (milestones), and perhaps even for financing an engine port. For example, the 3D Gamestudio developer (jcl of Conitec) requires something in the neighborhood of $50,000 to fund a port of A6 to another platform (Mac and Xbox being examples at the time). It believe this was half, and Conitec would fund the other half. This 50 grand would have to come from the publisher, since most of us don't have that kind of money to simply given away.

Anyway, getting that approval is the key. If your title is of quality, you may get it (and with a little luck and hoodoo). Given the point & click adventures coming out on DS lately, I see that being a good place to start. However, I've heard it has memory issues; thus you aren't going to be able to go to town with the bells and whistles. Since, they're wanting to emphasize "fun" and have a reputation for being indie friendly (because of the cheap kit), the Wii may be a better fit for the advanced version of you title.

Finally, I think you can test DS games on the PC, now via the SDK. No DS unit is needed anymore (could be wrong about that).

I think the best way to make some game on Wii/DS is to release it as homebrew software.
It's cheap and legal way to make games/ software on these platforms.
There is no special reuirements, but no publisher will go into homebrew project so if you want to make money you should use donation system or whatever.

Few other talks about wii is here :


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