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Online play? 3D?


Hi all :)

I want ask if WE will support any online mode?  so 2 players can be in same game?

and its possible to see game from first person or third person like in mmorpg..  when using 2.5D?


For 2D and/or 2.5D adventure games Wintermute is a great choice!

But if you want on line and/or 3D maybe you need a 3D engine like Torque, Quest 3D, 3D Gamestudio, etc.

I think Wintermute doesn't need to have any networking and 3D would be nice, but it would be other engine, a 3D version of Wintermute because (I think) all the way the engine is need to be changed... one more dimension means a lot of things!  ;D

i would have a look at it is a freeware 3D engine like ogre, torque etc etc That is designed for morpg development. It includes a very nice visual editor for pretty much every aspect of game coding, and all the noral features you would expect in a 3D engine.. like say normal mapping, physics, etc etc etc... As well as some nice neat things like infinate zero load time landscapes (like world of warcraft) and tons of networking to handle 1000's of players at once. it is still in beta but looks very cool.


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