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ANN: The Games section on WME homepage


Hello folks,

I've made some changes to the WME Homepage. The Games section is now mirrored directly from WME Resouce Center. It means that 1) it's easier to edit 2) every forum member can now edit the page. So if you think your game should be on the homepage, or if there's some wrong or outdated info, now your can edit it.
I also removed some old dead links in the process. The page will now only exist in English, but the translated versions were terribly outdated anyway.

Some simple guidelines:

As you can see, there are two sections on the page. Detailed information with screenshots and a list of links. The detailed section should only contain games that are either finished or have a playable demo available.

Please always include two screenshots when adding games to the top section.

Try not to break the page layout. The easiest way is to copy a description of other game and edit it. Use the Preview function and read more about the formatting syntax.

You can upload images to resource center, thumbnails are generated automatically (again, just copy the screenshot code from existing descriptions).

And naturally, the page should only contain WME games.

If unsure, post in this thread.

Juan Bonair:
Maybe out of topic, maybe I'm not the first one saying this, but...

Why there's no WindowEdit screenshot in the WME Homepage?

Hello there,

A question for Mnemonic - can we add our game to the Detailed sections even though the demo will be available in two weeks, or should we wait until the demo is available to do that?


If the demo is nearly finished, feel free to add it. The idea here was not to highlight projects that will never be finished (we are all too enthusiastic when starting new projects... :) ).

Figured as much, still - better to ask than to ruin the concept :)


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