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Just have the idea, if its possible, to play games, that i develop with wintermute, on a simple Winmobile/winCE pda ?
think, thats a market gap and a future trend :)

so, if thats possible or better: can i create a game with wintermute, that 'll run on winCE/winmobile pda?


No, it's not possible. Windows Mobile is quite a different platform from normal Windows.

Not sure about windows CE etc for games, but I know almost all phones support the java games format - also some phones like the LG Viewty support swf format (though not sure if that extends to games or just animations). But if it does then basically WME-ish games can be created in Flash - you just have to work a HELL of a lot harder. - check out the mechinama(?) thread to see what one looks like.

Don't know if that helps at all but you never know.

I think there is an free flash adventure game toolkit someone might have a link or a name for

I think this is what you meant


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