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Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter


Following the example of Tim Schafer, Al Lowe has decided to use Kickstarter for the ressurection of his Larry series:

Update #10: some awesome new goodies!  :D 

They added a new $150 tier for that much you get

1) physical game and game box
2) CD of the soundtrack
3) Lefty's breath spray,
4) Lefty's sexy lady "reveal" pen.
5) Lefty's shot glass
6) 4 Lefty's coasters,
7) softcover version of the Art of Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded
8) Leisure Suit Larry Brand Condom
9) Lefty’s Bar t-shirt

and they revealed what the t-shirt will look like...

I backed this one... although I dont like the mockup artwork they did (larry flash style vs background) :P

But I will be cool to play larry again hehe

They've successfully reached the 500000 level some days ago. And a new update:

"So, here's the easier one: at the $550,000 level, we will be maxing out the game responses along the lines I suggested in my video update. Tons more jokes, tons more responses for clicking on screen features, dialogue trees, inventory-on-inventory messages, and more story! We’ll load every existing nook and cranny with extra content because, as Al pointed out to us, the original was “kinda thin” on that.

Now, here's the big one: at the $650,000 level, we're doing something that will change the face of Larry forever (if only!): we're adding a new location, new puzzles, and a new girl with her own storyline! Is this the infamous female character that Al was forced to cut from the original 1987 version of Leisure Suit Larry 1? Or am I just making that up entirely to add a sense of mystery? Your guess is as good as mine!"

Now how's that, guys? ;)


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