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Day One: a new Kickstarter by Pendulo Studios


The Pendulo Studios jump on the crowdfunding train, having started their own campaign related to the game "Day One". It tells the story of Ethan, a young and acid journalist who learns from his doctor that he’s got a terminal disease: he'll be dead before the end of the day. Back home, he finds a capsule and a note: “This will keep you alive 24 extra hours. Come to Paris for more. We’ll find you.”

They're providing a vast array of rewards, including an oldschool "big box" edition of the game, an opportunity to put your own creations (art, music, texts, etc.) in the game, Ethan Grant's Edition of The Devil's Dictionary with his own notes, thoughts and traces of events that happen in the game and even the chance to study a course in Videogame Design thanks to Universidad Complutense de Madrid and become an intern in Pendulo Studios.

Check this out for more:

It's a pity, but I'm afraid that they will not succeed. There are only a little more than a month and have only achieved 11% of funding. It's too much money to do crowfunding.

I don't think 300K are a lot for crowdfunding, especially for a well known developer. Look what plenty of other projects have achieved. Maybe adventure players have already spend a lot of money already on other similar campaigns, maybe pendulo hasn't advertised it that good, maybe the timing is wrong. In any case it's too bad. I like pendulo's turn into more serious-themed adventures.


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