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I am a fan of adventure games and I am working on my own game, thanks to the Wintermute Engine. I've always wanted to design and develop games, so I decided to try and learn Wintermute. Colors on Canvas is my first game and while developing this game I am also learning Wintermute.

Colors on Canvas is a bit more atypical than your traditional adventure game, mostly because it isn't exactly an adventure game :) It is first and foremost an educational game.

Colors on canvas is a game that allows you to explore a few famous paintings (all of them from public domain). It is an educational game, but I will also try to implement some gameplay elements. For now, I only have a screenshot, but more screenshots and details will come soon!

Get the demo on

I hope this project won't take long to complete and I hope you will enjoy it!

Looking forward to the game !!!  ::rock

Cool ! got a playable demo, or a gameplay video ?

I will release a playable demo, and more info about the game, in a week or two.

Good luck, it seems to be a huge work !


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