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Foxtail - oldshool adventure game (help us on Kickstarter)

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Please help us on Kickstarter

Foxtail is not just a game. This is a dream. And dreams always come true.

Inspired by games of yesterday, Foxtail draws from such classics as Legend of Kryandia, King’s Quest and Monkey Island. True to the point n’ click genre, Foxtail is a wonderfully animated pixel adventure, with a deep personal story, and challenging puzzles.

For veterans of the genre, or new adventurers, Foxtail is an unforgettable journey full of intrigue and wonder.


it looks wonderful, congratulations

Wow! incredible....

How do you manage the Mac and Linux release? Are there Wintermute players for Mac and Linux available meanwhile? I have not followed the development of WME the last years....

For more feedback you can post the game informations in the forum of the german adventure community:
You can also post in english...

Whaaaa, it's beautiful !  :o
Glad to see it has been greenlighted  :)


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