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K’NOSSOS, a Sci Fi Adventure Game

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K’NOSSOS, a Classical Point-and-Click Sci Fi Adventure Game by Svarun Entertainment

Svarun Entertainment is an independent group of dedicated individuals committed to creating contemporary 2D adventure game titles in the vein of the most well-known classics of the genre. We tend to view the computer games more as an art form than a form of entertainment, more as a labor of love than the means of earning money. We concentrate on creating atmosphere, immersion and quality storytelling.

Our greatest success so far is the completion of the prologue of our first game title - Vsevolod. Contrary to some rumors, the project is, due to immense problems it presented to our small team at the moment, merely put on hold - we plan to tackle the issue immediately upon completion of K’NOSSOS. Prologue of the game may be downloaded here:

K’NOSSOS is an independent game development endeavor run by Svarun Entertainment. With this project we are aiming at creating a contemporary 2D Point n’ Click adventure game with strong emphasis on unique atmosphere, immersing puzzles and gripping storyline.

K’NOSSOS emerged as a result of a collision of several fairly diverse streams of thought. Initially, we were inspired by the old-school adventure games, namely those whose mechanics are based on exploration, dialogue, item handling and object manipulation. Artistically, we wanted to set this game in a hand painted world best described as the marriage of art of Vasily Kandinsky and third dimension. Lonely, unsettling, and at times outright bizarre atmosphere of titles such as Kentucky Route Zero was also desirable. Finally, our favorite sci-fi reads like Dune, Chronicles of Amber, A Stranger in a Strange Land, etc. influenced the storyline which provided the kinetic energy needed to set our hero in motion.

K'NOSSOS Prologue, Tutorial Section (Screenshot)
Even though the project has set out as a labor of love, we hope to move it into commercial arena as soon as possible. Our hopes are naturally directed at one or other form of crowd funding. However, as such an enterprise requires a substantial following, we are still biding our time before moving onto next phase of our plan. When that moment comes - you will naturally be the first to know.

Given the capabilities of the engine we are using, our main objective at the moment is the development of PC version of the game.

Extrasolar Long-Reach Exploration and Colonization Vessel #074, Cryo Deck (Screenshot)
Being a release in the vein of classical adventure games, K’NOSSOS will play much like most of the other titles in the genre. The character, viewed from 3rd person, will traverse the locations presented in side-view.

Left mouse click will be used generally for moving and various interactions (talking, picking up, using, and so on), while the Right mouse click will generally be used for fetching details regarding various items within game world or inventory.

Extrasolar Long-Reach Exploration and Colonization Vessel #074, Shuttle Bay (Screenshot)
The game will feature a classic inventory and an in-game journal, filled out automatically following the important discoveries made by the player.

Player character will at all times be followed by an Orb which, besides being an important plot element, is also a unique gameplay device. Player will have four of Orb’s abilities at his/her disposal: Heat, Melt, Weld and Cut.

Finally, game also features special zoom areas and mini-games tightly connected to the setting of the location in question.

Extrasolar Long-Reach Exploration and Colonization Vessel #074, Bridge Deck (Screenshot)
The game features:
• classic point-n'-click interface
• abstract 2D expressionist style reminiscent of the art of Wassily Kandinsky
• intricate dark sci fi storyline
• non-linear gameplay
• cross-genre experimental soundtrack

Extrasolar Long-Reach Exploration and Colonization Vessel #074, Cryo Bed (Screenshot)
K'NOSSOS is developed in the WME Engine 1.x, with PC version being the main objective of the team at this point.

The engine, alongside the accompanying documentation, may be freely downloaded at:
K'NOSSOS Prologue Release trailer
Yes. We are of course in need of certain professions more than others, but in general we would like to hear what each and every one of you has to say and offer. Please write to

Extrasolar Long-Reach Exploration and Colonization Vessel #074, Service Shuttle (Screenshot)
In order to stay most up-to-date, please visit our social media outlets at:

* Website:
* Facebook:
* Twitter:

Phew, almost a year of silence and not much has changed here. Oh well, I guess it's not only us who are lazy with the updates...  :)

What have we been up to with K'NOSSOS in the past twelve months? In short, almost all of the locations are modeled and are now being rendered and painter/processed in 2D; we are well into building the Prologue section of the game, with Tutorial being completed and playable; a video showing Tutorial run is due soon, we are actually completing the SFX and then we are ready to go.

K'NOSSOS, Screenshot (Main Menu)

K'NOSSOS, Screenshot (Tutorial, Section Title Screen)

K'NOSSOS, Screenshot (Tutorial, Lights OFF)

K'NOSSOS, Screenshot (Tutorial, Lights ON)

K'NOSSOS, Screenshot (Tutorial, Zoom Area and Dialogue)
To make sure you don't fall out of the loop even when we mess up (which we promise not to in the future), join us at Facebook and Twitter:

I had best start by declaring an interest here, I have been working on this project now for maybe 9 months or so. The reason why I was drawn to it, is that it embodies almost all of what was important to me as devotee of adventure games.

I first came to adventure game through the hitchhikers guide and then the colossal cave, before coming across a Lord of the Rings graphical adventure in 1986 running on a BBC micro. 

Then I moved onto to the Sierra Games, Space Quest, Police Quest and then Leisure Suit Larry.

Finally I got hold of Gabriel Knight, and I was in P & C heaven.

I was looking to work with a game that offered the potential for total immersion into the world of the adventure.

Just like any decent science fiction or fantasy novel the world of the adventure game needs to be believable. It can be fantastic, but it needs to be consistent.

Unlike most of the computer games that are around with K'nossos Nikola has accomplished this. He has taken a strong original story and combined this with an otherworldly consistent graphic approach which evokes a feeling of strange sparseness, reminiscent in my opinion of the Sierra interpretation of Arthur C. Clarkes Rama.

If you like playing adventure games, I would encourage you to follow the development of this project which will be updated through the normal channels of facebook, and relevant websites.

On a technical note, the game is being developed in WME, as it is still the best tool for developing 2D games, and though this sadly may be the last project we use the tool for, it is currently handling all the technical challenges thrown at it.

if you want further info about the game, please put up a post in this thread, send me a pm or contact Nikola through the email address in the previous post - and please tell your friends


Enjoy our new Teaser video showing sights and sounds of Prologue section of K'NOSSOS:

Full track is available over at our composer's SoundCloud:


Another music video [slash] teaser video of K'NOSSOS Prologue section is up:

If you don't like videos or your eyes just hurt from too much movie time, the track is up on SoundCloud as well:


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