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I would like to announce new game called:

Its planned to be Japanese Cyberpunk Tactical RPG :)

Story is happening in future Tokyo based environment where global corporations has control and you will have some story and problems with them.

Right now engine has possibility to:
Do battle with up to 5 companion fighters or how I call them BOTS, will be able to make them later in game from items
Skill based dialogues
XP reward system
Battle move based on AP
Collision system - actors don't move on other actors
Battle FOG - Can't shoot enemy if you don't see him behind obstacles
Defense tiles - reduce damage from enemy
Simple AI
Diametric maps
Loot dead
Non activated objects, with activates when you shoot them
Weapon Damage/ Audacity/ Distance system both for player and enemy

To do:
Main story implementation
Improved AI
What happens when you die
More weapons
More levels based on story
More skills
UI improvement

Anyway right now I am focused more on engine itself not on story, will implement story when engine is more mature, lot of bugs to catch out.

Game Domo
You ar welcome to give your feedback and ideas….


Some Screenshots:

OMG, I wouldn't think something like that was possible. Extremely impressive ::rock

Thanks to the programmer but especially to your powerful engine that allows all this!
I have tried many different engine and WME - for me - is the best, easy (after studying it), intuitive, well structured.
I am not interested in 3d but rather the 2.5d and WME is super.
I am sorry that the project has stopped, you never thought of producing a commercial WME 2.0 or WME Pro?

Yes, Thanks to Mnemonic for Engine!

But there is some simple things I miss in engine with I suppose could easy be implemented:

1. Possibility to define item type:

--- Code: ---ITEM
   CAPTION = "WME User's Guide"
   NAME = "book"
   SPRITE = "items\book.png"
   CURSOR = "items\book.bmp"
   CURSOR_HOVER = "items\book_h.bmp"
   SCRIPT = "items\book.script"

   TYPE= ITEM   // GUN , BOT anything.....
--- End code ---

2. As I use a lot of tiles In Scene Editor possibility to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V and DEL
3. Autoselect with mouse in Scene edit

Your artwork is stunning.  lots of innovation in your game.  Many have tried to develop new interfaces and interactions - you did it !!

Language for voice-overs,  dialogues (simple answer, hard talk), very original and intriguing theories.  I was immersed in about 2 seconds. Hyptonic is the only other developer I've seen use that style in dialogues.

I don't know if I would get rid of the interaction tracker (upper right part of screen)
in the final product. I even like that. Maybe put in the option to toggle on/off.

(in my opinion) adventure game guys don't like action, and action guys don't like the slow pace
of AGs. By giving the user the option to engage/not engage a "bad guy", that will appeal to both markets.

Now  for some bad news - I've seen fantastic games that never got completed.
Do you have what it takes to COMPLETE it and bring it to market ??

If  not, it looks promising enough to win outside funding.  But ofcourse that could lead to making a deal with the devil.
I also think WME is the best choice.  Switching engines could easily lead to disaster.
If I had a game like yours,  I would even consider writing my own plugins for WME,
something like a mobile (Android, ios) or custom isometric accelerators - it's do-able and the time is right.
There are many experts here in this forum, I'm sure they would offer technical advice.

Superb job.   Please let us know when it is released for sale.
What is your estimated delivery date ??
How much game-play time will users get ??

Also, I would expect to spend at least as much time marketing as developing.
( i.e.  1 year development = 1 year marketing)


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