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Myth: A Guff's Tale



We're proud to announce our point'n click adventure game - Myth: A Guff's Tale

The game is still in development and we hope to release 4th Qtr 2016......

For more information (screen shots, attraction trailer etc.) please see our website  -

Thank you Mnemonic for the Wintermute Engine. Without it we would not be able to create this type of game. Thanks to all of you for your advice and help here on forum.

Any feedback is most welcome.

Follow us on facebook and stay tuned.  :)

Hi,  ::wave

The game is finished and is available from KARTIDGE -

I have decided to give the game away for FREE even though it took 3 years to make, this is because the game's co-creator and my friend Phil Argent passed away recently while battling Cancer. Please have a look and any comments welcome.

Thanks for your Time.  ::beer


can't find the download link... just sends me to download some strange software ...


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