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Which resolution is recommendable for the graphics of an adventure game?


I am currently creating my own adventure game and I am stuck at one question: Which resolution do I need for my 2D background scenes?.
It should look decent on smaller and bigger displays.
Currently I am working with inkscape, krita and photoshop, but I am never sure wether size and resolution are ok.
Thanks for any help and tips!!! :)

Hey SilverRabbit

In case this piece of information is useful to you ...

1. I'd like to point out that WME scrolls as needed, so it doesn't matter how big the background image is, since it will be scrolled so you can see the scene as the main character moves about.

2. I haven't tested this goodie myself yet, but here's a resolution chooser used in Night in Fog (a WME game by Dendrobats).

Hi thanks for your reply :)
I would like to prevent the scene from scrolling. Most of my scenes shall fit perfectly fine on a normal display as I was pretty annoyed by moving scenes in black mirror.
And I am worried that the resolution is not high enough... It should look good and I chose a very detailed background in a lot of situations.

You can use practically any resolution. In any case, take into account that the game will be able to run in full-screen only in standard resolutions.


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