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CHAOS REALM© a game by NOVA Studios.

Chaos Realm©  is a sci-fi adventure game, developed with Wintermute Engine.(WME.)  The game features incredible hi-res 3D graphics, and a unique fusion of futuristic Sci-Fi and “Sword and sorcery” Fantasy. The project has been on development for many, many years and is finally on the final stages. ( If everything goes according to plan, we hope we can release the “Demo” version very soon.)

It is the year 3024 A.D.
During the last 1000 years, mankind has spread all over the Solar System colonizing almost every planet or moon that spins around the sun.
The planet Earth (Now known as “Terra Obscura”) is ruled under the iron fist of the Black Sorcerers which keep their control since 3 centuries ago.
Their leader is the megalomaniacal and evil black sorceress Tara, she has extended her
lifetime several times (She is in fact 255 years old now.) through the use of black magic.
Now the Magical crystal of Kraan had been stolen from the “Clan of Warriors” from Phobos ( one of the moons of Mars, where the warriors had been hiding underground. )
The warriors had kept their real location as a total secret (They have the Magical Artifacts that originally belonged to the black sorcerers from earth.) this has been the key for their survival: the black sorcerers want to eliminate them. All warriors from Phobos had swear to protect the magical artifacts with their lives, and to keep them away from the black sorcerers hands.(Such terrible power could NEVER fall into the wrong hands.) 
If such an incredible power as one of the magical artifacts would ever fall in the hands of Sorceress Tara and the black sorcerers the consequences would be dreadful!


-A unique mixture of Sci-fi and “Sword  & Sorcery” fantasy!
-Incredible hi-res 3D graphics.
-2 Main playable characters : Raxus the spellcaster, and Amazon Beta a female warrior.

Chaos Realm FB page :

Certainly brings back the Chronomaster memories :) Do you have any footage of the game somewhere perhaps?

Honestly I personally LOVE that game  "Chronomaster" (So is great to hear that you mentioned it.)Well in fact  "Chaos Realm"  features a unique combination of Sci-fi and “Sword  & Sorcery” fantasy! So...imagine something like "Star Wars" meets "Dungeons & Dragons "

And about the games footage I'd like to let everybody know that we are working on a "Teaser video" of Chaos Realm right now so you'll be able to see this game running soon. Maybe it will be ready by the end of next month.(So we plan to upload the video to the webite when is 100% ready.)

Kudos to you, Chaos :D

It sounds and looks astonishing !!! I'm looking forward to playing the demo :)

Thanks a lot for your comment, Mot! (I really appreciate that...) It' s just great to hear that you do like the  game THAT much! And that you are actually looking forward to it.


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