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Simple question, how does fixed camera angle in games like resident evil is being considered?
How did they decide on particular position relative to gameplay??

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As far as I heard, the remake of Resident Evil 2 doesn't have a fixed camera angle mode - they thought about including it, but later on discarded such feature because it conflicted technically. I guess some fans of the game would have loved it (adding another source of uncertainty). Whereas, other players probably won't miss it, as they prefer to have control over the camera (and not losing sight of the monsters they're fighting, as it could happen if they entered an area with a predetermined camera angle).

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I meant the early RE2. and also final fantasy series back in psx... and also alot of games back in the earlier era.
Is there a logic behind the camera? suspense effect or object placement?

In the case of Resident Evil, I read that back then fixed camera angles were a technical requirement in order to use pre-rendered backgrounds (which allowed for more detail than the 3D models and textures of the time). However, since one can use a specific camera angle to create an effect, to promote a feeling, ... they might have made the best of such requirement.


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