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Wintermute sure dont keep images much eh


Always a great reference of magical stuff whenever i work...
but with so much artists around, i don't really feel like "being".
Like it would be nice to,,, excel together with them.

I mean, i honestly would rather disappear from existence and just become part of the postWW2 japan
and just make anime for literally, eat the drawings and stuff...ahahaha
rather than conflicting re****** and competitive markets...

Hahaha, peaceful work and drawing. XD

....why does alot of toys dont rotate.

they dont even bow

I mean, would be fun if i can just, move from one style to another. Like just remembering the artist' name!

And then pooff! an object...Haha

PS Mini is out and they all look shiny as an action figureee...
there is no way real life can emulate pixel/polyation...XP


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