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Could say my favorite batman is bob kane( bob? Billy?)

Very anime and stylized but the weekly monster format
Made it almost as if it is not very interested in its own story.

The newer...more anime batman is just...almost deformed
Idea of anime... big googly eyes and at times...angry at its own.
Frame rate still moves extra fast and runny... almost like the anime wolverine or vampire hunter d...eastern trying to look west.

But lots of deviantart has cool batman of their own interpretation...
Stylized and very west on its own... like david williams aka brohawk and roboworks...

Almost like a comic animated.

Not sure if the framing will be awesome.

Nowadays lots of korean avatar ish animation...
Very buffy and solid drawing but it is at best an even
Monstrous attempt of east being west or vice versa.

Not sure what is even "west" or american...
Maybe should take alook at rugrats or hey arnold or even
Spongebob squarepants... fairy oddparents or danny phantom.
Very unique and happy on its own. Looks like they are really enjoying themselves...
But again...the weekly monster thing made the whole show almost...what do say... nunchuk?

All these not including the xxx content on DA.


Okay, each of them has like, 625 : 235 ratio of deviations...
so i guess that makes, 125:47, or 2.55...:1 per deviation amount...

Not including journals and scraps i suppose...
I don't even know why i did that ratio calculation anyway.

Visiting artstation always adds me a new artist to enjoy...
Feels like, owning their gallery, draws em , and PLays it right away.


All the goodness


I mean, what do i do?

They are all so amazing, i feel like current movies are not doing justice to these amazing artists...


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