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Title: Looking for flash programmer for The Exchange Student 02
Post by: dimidimidimi on February 13, 2007, 10:15:48 PM

We are looking for a flash programmer to join our team for the second episode of The Exchange Student. (

Payment: 1000 Euros
Estimated Development Time: 1 month
Requirements: We are going to use the same engine from episode 1 so you won't have to create a new engine for the game. However you will have to improve a couple of small things, like ability for scrolling and ability to use items with each other in the inventory. You should have good knowledge of Flash 8. We use a freeware program that takes care of lip-synching, you will have to use this program for the purposes of the game (unless you would like to suggest another freeware lip-synching program).
Work needed: The script of the second episode (excel sheet describing the actions that the player can make in the game and what outcome they have) is approximately 1200 lines long. The game contains voice-overs and subtitles and it is mouse driven. You will also need to use the copy-protection system we used for episode 1 on the second episode as well.
Not necessary but it would help if: You have worked on other point and click games before and if you have used Zinc ( before.

Those interested please contact me: dimitris *at* theexchangestudent *dot* com . If you have examples of your work online feel free to provide some links to them in your email.