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Title: Apeiron Studios Adventure Project
Post by: Spellbreaker on November 29, 2008, 03:12:43 PM
Hi people :)

We are still seeking for some talented artists who have time to work on our project. It will be a free Adventure, and the purpose is to work as "port folio" title we can use to pitch publishers for our upcoming commercial Project. The game will be developed using Wintermute of course.

Free positions are:

3D Modeler - Modeling of Characters, and if possible topology for the scenes
3D Modeler or 2D Artist - Creation of Scene Backgrounds, either in 2D or complete 3D if the style is okay. Should not be too realistic  ( see below ).

It is a 2.5D Adventure based on Brian Moriarty's Loom. Here are some concepts :

Testrun of the Engine with a raw 3D Model of the Main Character:

Concepts of the first scenes :

If you are willing to take one of the free positions, and you have time to keep it until the project is finished, then simply drop me a PN here or email to spellbreaker *a t* apeironstudios *d o t* com