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Title: Looking for a programmer to create a new team
Post by: amilcojazz on September 30, 2010, 03:03:30 AM
Hi I'm Aldo Scoppa from amilcostudio ( I' a composer sound-designer and level designer for videogames and media. It can sounds strange to read about a musician that want to create a team but I have many experiences in the videogames and I would to start a point and click adventure for years. I can find artists but I really need a good programmer, someone who be able to work into something serious 'cause I want to do a commercial game. My idea is a simple graphic adventure maybe in 2D with a deep storyboard (I'm writing that) and many little puzzle game. I'm seeing many indipendent little teams founded to develop casual games changing their products: casual games/adventures or adventures+casual games. It' s a smart formula and many big portals like "Orangeshark" or "Bigfishgames" have partnerships with this can anyone help me?

Please contact me via My site or on my mail :