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Help wanted and offered / Re: Scripter/Programmer/Artists for a new team
« on: November 30, 2008, 05:33:11 PM »
Hi  :) , we are a team of 3d game artists searching for programmers/a team to join..

Help wanted and offered / Re: Finding graphic artists
« on: November 29, 2008, 04:05:05 PM »
Hi all  :), we are a team of 3d game artists searching for programmers/a team to join..

Help wanted and offered / game artists searching for a team
« on: November 29, 2008, 03:52:33 PM »
Hi all ;D,
       This thread seems to be what we were searching for
       this Jacob of yLAn Studios, we are a small 3d graphics studio based in Italy.
We create 3d graphics for games, animation and multimedia products, and now we would like to make our step towards game development, we are searching

for programmers/wintermute expertsto build up or join a team, developing an adventure.
We are quite good at low poly and high poly modelling mapping and texturing, but we are also decent riggers and animators, you may have a look at some

of our works:

- 3d characters enviroments and props on content paradise (we are official content providers for smith micro)-->
- 2007-8 showreel-->
- Cinematics for game we developed, quite old project, we can do way better now--->
- game products samples (quite old as well)-->
- our website, is quite old as well but you may find something more-->

Beside what you see in this links, we have also developed low poly rigged characters (5000 polys or less), rigged automotive models and game level art

for a software house, wich are not available to see due to nondisclosure agremnt, we have a good experience (and we own original software) on maya and

max, photoshop (realtime) and poser/poser pro (cinematic sequences).

So, we discovered wintermute one year ago, and we played a lil' bit with it, managing to import a 3d character into the 3d demo, but we realised that

programming is definately not our strongpoint, so we would like to join a team or or build up one,  with wmute experts or programmers (as far as i

understand, any object oriented programmer should be at home using wme), with the aim of developing something good, maybe commercial, but  also

shareware/freeware projects are interesting for us.
If i made any mistake or posted in wrong place, sorry in advance, or if you have any suggestion to better place this message you are welcome, I am quite

new in this comunity (totally new actualy).

If there's someone interested, please let us know, our email is:       or   

Thanks, ciao  ::wave

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