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Hi all fans of WME!

I would like to offer you our product called Graphical Installer - for NSIS which allows you to create professional, cool-looking skinned installers for your PC games in NSIS with just a few clicks.
It allows you to convert your boring installers into awesome installers with custom graphic, buttons, background...
If You are already using NSIS or you consider switching from Your old commercial install system to the new one, this is the right choice for You!

Skinned installers are most suitable for game developers, distributors or other software creators, because they looks really cool and attract customers.
We support indie developers, open-source and university projects and offer a 50% discount from all prices!

For full list of features and real examples visit our site:
Check proposals at our Gallery how installer could look, if it uses Graphical Installer. You may also download a full working example and try it by yourselves.

If you have troubles with building installer for your game or you need to create cool installer - then do not hesitate and contact me!


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