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Help wanted and offered / Re: Hello, have an idea, need support!
« on: September 23, 2010, 08:28:59 PM »
Hi Ryan!

You don't have to appologize!
I like the idea, who does't love dr. jones!

oh, sorry I not Dr. Jones (TM), I m just an illegal copy in an homemade adventuregame!

So you seem to have some experience with ags, that's fine, so your not brand new.
what program you use does not matter, both are more or less the same.
wintermute has some advantages, hence more things to decides and to know about!

How far is your project? (Idea, Concept, Script/Writing, Programming....?)

I can do a bit writing/story concept/2D graphics, I not a pro, a hobbyist!
Never done an adventure, but always wanted. I do GIMP.
(but you have enough writers)...i inventing quest/puzzles is something i like!

As you, I am only a weekend shuffler! Next week my graphic tablet will arrive.

Do you know how this personal mail stuff works here!

Greets from germany!


Help wanted and offered / Re: Let's kick off a new Adventure
« on: September 22, 2010, 03:03:33 PM »
Hi Jean!

Läuft das Projekt noch?

Ich hätte evt. interesse!

Viele Grüße


Help wanted and offered / Re: Hello, have an idea, need support!
« on: September 19, 2010, 01:38:52 PM »
Hi There!

So please tell a little bit.....
you heave mentioned a bit, please tell more

# type of game (guess it's an adventure game with Point and Click)

# (Basic) idea / story of the game
---Indiana Jones Game Copy?

# Who's your main character? What's his goal?
Caine Gabriele - Find treasure?

# What is the world you will play in like?

# Quest/Puzzle/Riddles?

# Length/Duration of the game?

#what develomentsoftware you wanna use? (Wintermute, AGS, All by yourself programming (don't do that)?!!?)

# can you be a project-manager? (sorry for the harsh question, but without a plan...)

What kind of Visuals do you wanna make?
(3D-rendered or drawn?
(Pc ((Google Sketch/3dStudioMax/Maya)/(Photoshop/GIMP/CorelDraw...))/Pen and Paper/Watercolors)

Do you wanna have speech?

### and please tell us about your team and yourself, Bryan!

Greetings MagicMike

ps: I can draw a bit 2D stuff!(Stills no animation, I would try to do animation but was never into it!!!)
so art/writing would be my interest! (but you said you are enough writers, right?)
I know a guy who likes to mix sound and is good in cinematic scores/classical music. no! ;-)
or as Jones would say: Fly: Yes! Land? NO!

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