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Technical forum / help with shadows..
« on: June 25, 2010, 12:22:22 PM »
how are you guys..Thanks again for this great engine
I have another question to ask ... This is something that happens in almost every scene of my game although the actor is correctly placed in the back of every entity his shadow is not hidding behind ...I have fixed the problem temporarily by setting the light position in a way that affects the shadow position so it will be very close to actor and not to be spread away.. Im thinking that a solution of the problem may be to to include the mesh of the object in the hidden geometry.. I Havent tried it though...I was just wondering if there is another way to hide the shadow behind an entity without including the entity's mesh in the hidden geometry...Thanks in advance...sorry again for my bad english

Technical forum / Re: entity containers at windows
« on: January 27, 2010, 01:07:41 PM »
thanks very much again
I sent you a pm with a link in order to download the demo.,... look at it when you have time...
Thanks again ;D

Technical forum / Re: entity containers at windows
« on: January 27, 2010, 12:07:58 AM »
Mnemonic thanks for your reply... I was hoping that the solution you gave me should work but no...
 it doesn't work either...  ??? and I'm wondering why... everything works perfectly except this... when pressing the x button... ???

Technical forum / entity containers at windows
« on: January 25, 2010, 12:06:31 PM »
goodmorning to everyone.
I hope you re all ok
In my game I have a "suitcase" inventory item , when the player looks at this object I have set an exclusive window to popup showing the contentsof the  suitcase.In that window there are some entities the player can interact with and could if he wants, to add them to the inventory.. I have set that when one of those entities is left clicked this enity will be invisible and current item will be added to inventory... its working fine.... but when I press the X button in order to unload the window it makes them visible for a moment and then it closes. That happens , only the first time, If I have taken one item from the suitcase and added to the inventory... and re Lookat the suitcase the entity is correctly invisible....
I know that my English are bad so I will write the code....

window script
Code: [Select]
global rt = Game.LoadWindow(this);
global itema = this.GetControl("itema");
var EditorControl;
var EditorText;
actor.Active = true;
itema.Visible = true;


if(itema.IsTaken || Game.IsItemTaken("itema"))
    itema.Visible = false;
    itema.GetEntity = false;
} else {
    itema.Visible = true;
on "x"


and enity script
Code: [Select]
on "leftclick"
    global rt = Game.LoadWindow("objects\makeupkitcloseup.window");
    global itema = rt.GetControl("itema");
   itema.IsTaken = true;
    itema.Visible = false;

thanks in advance

Technical forum / Re: shadows problem
« on: January 16, 2010, 03:08:25 AM »
It was a mistake of mine ....   :'( while exporting the model  ... thank you all for your help ::thumbup

Technical forum / Re: shadows problem
« on: January 15, 2010, 11:19:22 PM »
I know that the numaber of polys is correct when i use the stencil shadows.... the thing I cant understand is why when i dont use any shadows still the number of polys is the same as it is when the type is stencil...

Technical forum / shadows problem
« on: January 15, 2010, 12:55:01 PM »
hello I hope you are all ok!
I have a shadow problem and i dont know how to figure it out. My main character is 4000+ polys. At act3d script I have set shadow type as none because i haven't prepered yet a low x.file for my character... when i run the game with shadow type as none i get the same number of polys as if it was running with shadows type as stencil.
what have I done wrong....???? :-X
thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.....

Technical forum / Re: Export to Direct 3D (*.x) from Cinema 4D.
« on: September 10, 2009, 11:18:47 AM »
Hello Guys! How are you I hope you are all great!!!!
Because Im using Cinema 4d myself I had many troubles with the X. export of Cinema  . Finally I gave up And I turn to other softwares to export my models to X. format . Recently I discovered a very cool plug in for cinema ,the XPort plug in , that its very easy to use and its  compatible with WME. ALthough I already had finished my human X models I used it for other 3d objects with a little number of bones and I hadnt any problems with the engine the animations were playing smoothly. In the webpage that Ive given you you can download the plug in for free. There is also a help index in pdf format that gives you the steps for the installation and use. If you have any questions plz ask. C4D is a great 3d software and its a pity that its not used by the game industry very often!

Help wanted and offered / Hell0
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:12:25 PM »
Hello , my name is Anna , I;m 25 years old and Im from Greece. Although, I work on 2d design professionally, I m new to 3d modeling. I started my own project 3 months ago and I m very excited about it. If  I ever manage to finish this project it will be released for free.
 Its a horror 3d person point & click adventure game
We have finished the story and I think its a great story about an ordinary girl who suddenly learns that she is special and has a difficult task to do.
The programs that I use are , BLENDER , TRUE SPACE 3.2. ,Daz 3d ,Bryce and I m thinking of buying Vue 5 d esprit .I have created some characters and some backgrounds but there s a lot of work to do and Im working alone on design and animation. If there is anyone out there who’s willing to help me with the graphics and scripting plz send me an email at or reply to this thread.
Also , I would like to thank all the people of WME for giving us such a great Engine. I m aware of WME’s great capabilities  and I m currently learning through  the tutorials the basics. I don’t know much about scripting but I m a quick study and I hope that one day this project will be finished.

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