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Technical forum / Accessing "self.array" in Custom Objects
« on: December 09, 2003, 11:20:00 PM »
I'm trying to access an array inside an object by doing something like this:

Code: [Select]
var tempList = self.ListArray;
// do something with tempList[0]

But the engine hangs. If I comment the first line, it compiles. As far as I can tell this only seems to happen when using self.whatever inside a custom object script, and only when 'whatever' is an array. Regular variables work fine. Is it the same problem as the nested objects, or something different?

Technical forum / Re:Making a notepad interface
« on: December 09, 2003, 10:46:13 PM »
Yeah, I was thinking we could just have one of the dialogue options be something like "[Ask about something in my Notebook...]" -- that option would then display the notepad, and whatever note was selected would trigger the appropriate dialogue.

Technical forum / Re:Making a notepad interface
« on: December 09, 2003, 09:04:39 PM »
For the time being we've decided to make the notebook a mostly static thing, more like a diary of events and descriptions. But we still would like to eventually expand the notepad into a fully interactive system.

In the meantime, I would like to use the notepad notes as triggers for dialogue. In other words, the notepad can be displayed while in a dialogue tree, and a note can be selected, which triggers a question from the main actor that is related to that note. I'm sure Jussi (deadworm222) would appreciate ideas on implementing this (even though I'm sure he could figure it out on his own :)).

Technical forum / Re:Arrays in Custom Objects Invalid??
« on: December 07, 2003, 09:02:37 PM »
Yes, definitely. I find it annoying as well, but so far never that much annoying to actually rework the script compiler.

I would greatly appreciate it.

As for the crash, if you'd like I can send you my project.. but first I'll mess with it a bit and see if I can figure out what caused it to start crashing right away.
Than you, that would be helpful.
I found the code that was causing the engine to crash:
Code: [Select]
if (comment = null)
     comment = " ";
if (sound = null)
     sound = " ";
Let that be a lesson to you all: Always check your operators. ::)

Still seems strange that these lines would crash the whole program... seems to me the code inside the parantheses should set the variables (parameters in a method, in this case) to null and always return true, instead of crashing WME. I haven't attempted to duplicate this in another script yet... if you get a chance maybe you could try it, and if you aren't able to duplicate it I can send you my project.

You are using WinXP, so does it mean you are getting blue screens? That's usually a driver issue. Make sure you have the latest Detonator/ForceWare drivers installed with no "dangerous" oprions turned on. It's not possible easy for an application to trigger the blue screen of death...

Yes, I'm using WinXP, and sometimes a blue screen does flash on the screen for fraction of a second before the machine reboots. Its true this is usually a driver issue, but it only seems to happen with WM. I run dozens of other DirectX apps on a daily basis and have never had the machine just reboot itself like that. I have the latest Detonators, and I'm not using anything fancy (besides the DirectX SDK, but again, this problem started long before I installed the SDK).

To be fair, I have been seeing some other anomalies lately that are definitely not related to WM, including Explorer.exe crashes. This is bad, I know, and I will probably be formatting my system fairly soon. Perhaps you could just keep the situation in mind for now, and I'll let you know if things improve after the format.

Technical forum / Re:Making a notepad interface
« on: December 07, 2003, 06:47:54 PM »
I believe we were thinking of putting a graphical checkbox next to each note, so that the user could click to put checks by two notes, then click a button at the bottom or someplace to combine them. How would this be done in a Window?

Technical forum / Re:Nesting Objects
« on: December 07, 2003, 12:43:16 AM »
Sorry, you're right about the talking being part of the objects in the demo, but the part of the equation that makes the difference is the Comment Lists. I want to be able to do funky things with comment list objects, such as iterating through a list either once or indefinitely each time the Say method is called, "plugging in" sound files, and using comment dependencies (in order for comment X to be played, comment X first checks that comment Y has been played). Stuff like that. So I'm wanting the code that jumps semi-intelligently through a list of comments to be self contained.

Originally I was going to put the code in the actor's methods, and store the lists as arrays inside the various entities' scripts; but I thought having a separate Comment object and preparing and storing the object inside the entity's script would keep things slightly more modular. I may have to just rethink the whole thing. :(

Technical forum / Re:Arrays in Custom Objects Invalid??
« on: December 07, 2003, 12:33:08 AM »
So arrays act like objects. Is there any chance a future version of WME will support chained object syntax?

As for the crash, if you'd like I can send you my project.. but first I'll mess with it a bit and see if I can figure out what caused it to start crashing right away.

The problem where WME and/or Project Manager restarts the whole computer has been happening for some time I'm afraid, and with various projects -- seems like its been happening since the very beginning, but prior to today it seemed like it had something to do with version conflicts. Now I'm using 037, and today its restarted itself twice, so I don't know whats going on.

Technical forum / Re:Arrays in Custom Objects Invalid??
« on: December 06, 2003, 09:28:04 PM »
Update: Just to see what would happen, I made the arrays in my Comment Object local. Here's what happened, according to wme_crash_log.txt:

Code: [Select]
---------- WME crash report: 06-12-2003, 13:25 ----------
wme.exe caused a EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module wme.exe at 001B:00442658
EAX=00000007  EBX=77D46401  ECX=00000000  EDX=00B47130  ESI=00000000
EDI=00000000  EBP=00D26A00  ESP=0012F9FC  EIP=00442658  FLG=00010246
CS=001B   DS=0023  SS=0023  ES=0023   FS=0038  GS=0000
Stack trace:
001B:00442658 (0x00B40808 0x00D36380 0x00CF7D00 0x00000000) wme.exe
001B:00B46208 (0x00446310 0x00448020 0x00449950 0x00449D20) <UNKNOWN>
001B:004489C0 (0x8B184689 0xC13B0C4E 0x00D0840F 0x55530000) wme.exe
001B:008B0C46 (0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000) <UNKNOWN>
And the wme.log says:

Code: [Select]
13:25: ********** DEBUG LOG OPENED 06-12-2003 (Release Build) *****************
13:25: DEAD:CODE Games Framework ver 1.01 (Build 37), Compiled on Nov 16 2003, 19:17:15
13:25: Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
13:25: DirectX version: 9.0
13:25: BugslayerUtil.dll is bound
13:25: Scanning packages...
13:25:   Registered 0 files in 0 package(s)
13:25: Initializing scripting engine...
13:25:   Script compiler 'dcscomp.dll' bound successfuly
13:25: Loading string table...
13:25:   0 strings loaded
13:25: First run / crash recovery
13:25: Enumerating Direct3D devices...
13:25: Enumerating DirectDraw devices...
13:25: Enumerating DirectSound devices...
13:25: Available video devices:
13:25:   NVIDIA GeForce DDR (accelerated)
13:25:   NVIDIA GeForce DDR (non accelerated)
13:25: Available audio devices:
13:25:   Primary Sound Driver
13:25:   SB Live! Audio [E000]
13:25:   Modem #6 Line Playback (emulated)
13:25:   [no sound]
13:25: User selected:
13:25:   Video: NVIDIA GeForce DDR (non accelerated)
13:25:          Windowed:yes  Colors:16bit
13:25:   Audio: Primary Sound Driver
13:25: Supports wide surfaces: yes
13:25: Data initialized in 411 ms
13:25: Fatal: Stack underflow

This happens every time ... though already today I've had WME reboot my computer for now reason on me twice.

I think I need a break. :(

Technical forum / Re:SPRITES without JPG?
« on: December 06, 2003, 09:12:55 PM »
I've had good luck with TGA images. Seems like they tend to be smaller, yet without the lossy compression of JPEGs.

Technical forum / Arrays in Custom Objects Invalid??
« on: December 06, 2003, 09:09:12 PM »
I haven't gotten my last issue solved, and now I've run across another. :( I get an error on line 15 in the following code:

Code: [Select]
01 #include "scripts\"
02  // ==========================================
03  // Comment List Object
04  // ==========================================
07  // ==========================================
08  // Properties
10  // Counter
11  self.Count = 0;
14  // Comment Array (last will always be NULL)
15  self.List[0] = null;
17  // Should this comment set be looped? Default is False
18  self.ResetAfter = false;
19  // ============================================
21 // [Methods begin here]
Whats wrong with line 15??

Technical forum / Re:Nesting Objects
« on: December 06, 2003, 03:50:50 PM »
Basically I'm trying to reduce the lines of code I have to type to accomplish various tasks, to make development simpler as we put together the room logic for our game. In fact I got that example down to one line by creating a function which returns a Comment object. The following example shows how this object could be used in a game:

Code: [Select]
// ====== Initialize Comments ======
// This part happens within the Init script(s) for Sammy.

// These comments will be said if Sammy is looked at
self.cLook = newComment ("That's my archnemesis Sammy the Pirate! He's got an ill-favored look.", "actor_sammy_look1.ogg");
var Temp1 = self.cLook;
Temp1.Add ("It's mean ol' Sammy the Pirate.", "actor_sammy_look2.ogg");

// These are comments that Sammy himself will make.
self.cGrowl = newComment ("Arrgh!", "sammy_growl1");
var Temp2 = self.cGrowl;
Temp2.Add ("Grrrr!", "sammy_growl2");
// ============================

// ====== Event: Look At Sammy ======
// - This occurs in the event handler part of the
//   Sammy script(s).

// Have the actor comment on Sammy
Temp1 = self.cLook;
Temp1.Say (actor);

// Have sammy respond with a growl
Temp2 = self.cGrowl;
Temp2.Say (self);
// ============================
The purpose of creating this object is to be able to add any number of comments to one object, as in the example above, and then loop through them as the Say method is called. But I'm still stuck with the same problem.

I should probably ask whether objects are passed by reference or value. But I also need advice. Can anyone help me clean up this code, so it doesn't take so much extraneous junk?

Edit: Correction -- in most cases, its actually the object being talked about that stores the comment object, not the speaker; unless the speaker is just talking in response to something. I've corrected the code sample above accordingly.

In case its not obvious, the whole reason for doing this is to separate the comments by their entities, rather than hard coding them into the game logic. If I add an entity to a room, I shouldn't have to modify any code but the script for that entity. There's probably a simpler way to do this -- there usually is -- but this is the best I've been able to think of yet.

Technical forum / Nesting Objects
« on: December 05, 2003, 11:03:59 PM »
I have a coding question. I want to be able to store objects within objects. I attempted to use nested object notation like this:

Code: [Select]
self.cExamine = new Object ("scripts\comment_object.script");
self.cExamine.Add ("It's an old chest.", null);

But I get an error on that second line. Is there some way to do this without having to separate them like

Code: [Select]
self.cExamine = new Object ("scripts\comment_object.script");
var Temp = self.cExamine;
Temp.Add ("It's an old chest.", null);

Since it doesn't complain about nesting objects within objects, it seems like this should work. Suggestions?

Technical forum / Re:SERIOUS BUG!
« on: December 05, 2003, 06:34:10 PM »
Right after posting that I checked DXDIAG, and noticed it said that some of my files were debug versions. I installed the DirectX SDK earlier this week, and I guess I chose the Debug version of the runtime or something. I reinstalled the retail version of the DirectX Runtime, and now things seem to be working better. I apologize for jumping the gun!

I still have some oddities in my DXDIAG list, and a few things seem a bit slower than they should be. But thats obviously not your problem -- WME is apparently not at fault for any of it.

Again, sorry for jumping to conclusions! I should know better.

Technical forum / Serious Bug?
« on: December 05, 2003, 06:06:16 PM »
Yeah, well, I upgraded to 037, and now when I run my project, I get massive bands (like, 30-80% of the screen in thickness, height-wise) of pink flashing rapidly in a vertical pattern across the screen!

I tried turning off hardware acceleration, and the only difference is the bands turned black. I tried using Window mode, and with Hardware Acceleration on, it renders OK until I move the window, at which point the whole screen goes either green or pink for a few moments. The only way it works at all seems to be in Window mode with Hardware Acceleration turned Off.

What on Earth!? HELP! I am dead in the water until this is fixed! Whats more I'm worried about possible damage to my video card or monitor, it looks horribly unhealthy.

Technical forum / Character is stuck
« on: October 26, 2003, 04:50:43 PM »
My actor is well inside a walkable region, yet he is unable to move anywhere (he's stuck). Any ideas what kinds of things might cause this?

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