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Window Editor - Nested windows problem


I have one feature request I'd like to ask for. In windows editor when using nested windows, it becomes unusable because even if you set the child window to invisible, you can't drag and move around parent components because only the focus is strict z-order regardless of visibility. So right now I use separate windows and then merge them manually into the big window file. It would be cool if when window is set as invisible (or some other property) that its controls won't get selected.


i havent tested your specific problem, and i think you know that, i just wanna know :-)

doesn't the .Disable(); method do exactly this?


meta means editing the window in WindowEdit. The problem is you can still select the window and its controls by mouse even if it's not visible in WindowEdit. I assume meta is creating something like a tabbed window, with several sub-windows switching at runtime, and current WindowEdit behavior makes the editing kind of messy.


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