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Author Topic: application error when interact with objects  (Read 5195 times)

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application error when interact with objects
« on: November 09, 2008, 11:06:45 PM »


i played a little bit with wme and i get a application error. it happens when i want to interact (lookAt) with an entity object. it has name, caption, a sprite and there is a script with the on "lookAt" event defined (actor.GoToObject... and actor.Talk.....). also i put in a walk to information (x,y and direction). normaly it has to work but after the actor goes to the object, the appliction error occurs.

i have send you the error report.

ok i have solved the problem (before i wrote this thread, but something says me that i should share with you  ;)
there was no image defined in the actors talk.sprite... i put an image there and it worked

isn't it possible to put an default image there?
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