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General Discussion / Differences between WME and AGS forums
« on: April 11, 2016, 01:26:00 PM »
I continue asking myself the reason why there are such differences between WME and AGS forums.
Some of you wrote some time ago that the few actions in the forum depends on whether WME is a professional software and a large part of users do not have time to participate actively.
I not fully agree on this behavior that I believe was also one of the causes for which the development of WME has stopped besides the fact that I really see the few active SUPPORTER (donation, the spirit of donationware).
But really so many people think it is not appropriate to offer at least a beer to those who have dedicated so much time for this engine or spend a few minutes to help those in need (apart from the usual that respond)?
And meanwhile we ask clamoring WME 2.0.
About three months ago I posted a request for clarification on 2.5d and hidden geometry.
The post has been read by 1,122 people, then the forum is attended, WME is still alive (Shadows on the Vatican, The Lost Crown on Steam prove it), but needs change attitudes and participate in discussions.
My post received two responses with more than a thousand readings.
Newcomers now have to choose between AGS and WME (the best donationware engines), they  try  the software, read the forums, examine the games made with both.
If they want to develop retro games they choose AGS, if they want something more evolved they choose WME.
But those who choose WME begins to study and at the first difficulty ask for help (it can happen at the beginning, also in AGS forum).  Here no answer, they do not know how to do and end up switching to AGS where there is a question / answer continuously,  even very easy,  hoping they can achieve the same game they have in mind also with that engine.
I gave it up, going back to WME and hoping to be able to do everything on my own or with little aid arriving, but many others may not think exactly alike.

Why do not we accomplish a competition, such as a short game that takes place in two or three rooms ... or the best puzzle and open voting for them?
It could be a way to spice up the forum and show Mnemonic that his work is really appreciated as opposed to what it seems.

See you later.

Technical forum / Activities between two 3d animations
« on: April 09, 2016, 10:37:48 AM »
Hi everyone,
I'm working on an animation for my 3d character.
I have the "kneel down" animation, the character goes down, and "kneel_up", the character stands up.
Between the two animations I would put a actor.Talk and a Game.TakeItem.
My issue is that as soon as the first animation ends the character switches to the "idle" condition for a moment and then second  animation starts.
The visual effect is of course unwatchable, between the two animations you see the character who stands up (idle) and back down before making the second animation (kneel_up).
If I do not put instructions between the two animation, sequence is clean, the character goes down and stands up without unexpected frames.
I have tried several ways, with Async mode, with a while loop and IsAnimPlayer, with SetAnimTransitionTime but the results are not what you expect.
I can't add an action of any kind between the two animations without the character jumps to the condition "idle" before making the second animation.
Actually I've got some results assigning IdleAnimName = "kneel up" during the first animation and I restore IdleAnimName = "idle" during kneel_up animation, but is hazardous, if something goes wrong the character remains with wrong idle animation.
Some idea?

Technical forum / Window Object and Scale Level
« on: March 23, 2016, 02:13:51 PM »
Hello to all,
I would need an object to be moved on the screen that is influenced by the scale level. It sounds easy... (maybe it is but I do not find the solution).
When the character acquires an item I want to release the item from the bottom, it rises up in the center of the screen and then enters in the icon inventory ...
This movement must be subject to the scale level.
The problem is that in my scene there are different objects, sprite entity, region entity, region, free entities and if to make the animation described above I use a sprite or a free entities (in accordance with the objects it encounters and their hotspot) it is not always visible but it remains covered by some objects.
The only solution I found is to use a window object that is always in front of all objects in the scene.
But despite the manual suggests the Scalable option the sprite does not change size according to the scale.
This using the sprite as a background of windows or as an Entity Container.
Does anyone have idea why the object in the windows is not affected by the scale of the scene or where I'm wrong?
Even alternative suggestions are welcome.
Thank you

Technical forum / SceneEdit and its windows
« on: March 20, 2016, 12:44:21 PM »
Hello to all,
I have a little problem with Scenes Edit.
The two windows Scene and Properties became separated from the main window and I can't put them in their place.
I have tried using the SceneEdit menu (various options and reset) or dragging them manually, but they only go to full screen or at the top but do not stick to the left in their original position.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled WME and used CClenear to clean up files and registry.
No result (when I open the file menu it shows me even the last open files).
Perhaps is there a configuration file in Windows that I could delete or edit manually?

Technical forum / 3d character hiding
« on: February 21, 2016, 04:36:52 PM »
Hello, is a bit of time that I'm trying but with no luck.
I would like to get this behavior:
When I make double click the character should slowly become transparent and reappear in the click position returning it always visible slowly. The property Alpha Color has no effect.
Any suggestions?

I would have also found an alternative but in this case I can not use actor.Active = false because the function is needed (DirectWalkBack) does not work if the character is not active. For example for my use DirectWalkBack regularly works with actor.Scale = 1 (to make invisible the character) but I need the character is in full scale.
Have you any ideas on how to hide the 3d character without "turn it off" but leave it in its original position x and y?
Thank you

Technical forum / Game.Interactive and mouse click
« on: January 20, 2016, 12:13:12 PM »
Hello, I'm up against a problem.
I have an inventory that I open by pressing a button and I close by pressing a mouse button away from it.
What I want to achieve is that when the inventory is visible, if the player moves the mouse in the scene, all interactive objects do not respond to the passage of the cursor.
I have tried several ways, either by acting on the scripts of objects, in game.script and in game_loop.script without luck.
Currently I have found that the following lines of code conduct the majority of what I want to do

in game_loop.script

Code: WME Script
  2.   var ActObj = Game.ActiveObject;
  4.   // if the inventory is visible and the player goes out from it
  5.   if(Game.InventoryVisible == true && ActObj.Type != "window" && ActObj.Type != "item")
  6.   {
  7.         // if an item is selected close inventory
  8.         if(Game.SelectedItem != null)
  9.         {
  10.                 btnInv.Visible = true; // button to open inventory
  11.                 Game.InventoryVisible = false;
  12.         }
  13.         else
  14.         {
  15.          // otherwise if the player comes from the inventory without any selection I apply Game.Interactive = false
  16.          // so objects in the scene are not responding on mouse
  17.          if(Game.Interactive == true)
  18.                 Game.Interactive = false;
  19.         }
  20.   }
  21.   // if the cursor is on the inventory
  22.   else if(Game.InventoryVisible == true && (ActObj.Type == "window" || ActObj.Type == "item"))
  23.   {
  24.            // Game.Interactive = true and I can interact with items
  25.            if(Game.Interactive == false)
  26.                 Game.Interactive = true;       
  27.   }

but then of course, being the game Game.Interactive = false while the cursor is out of inventory, clicking with the mouse everywhere inventory can not be closed because the event is not read.

Is there a way to ask the engine to check a click of the mouse while it is in Game.Interactive = false?

Have you any other suggestions?


Technical forum / Issues with Packages and Patch
« on: January 13, 2016, 08:42:16 PM »
Hello, I'm seeing for the first time the operations to be done to create the various packages but I have a difficulty.
For example, if I move my folders "sounds" and "music" in a folder "audio" and I do "promote to package" everything works fine.
But if I try to create files to "patch" the game the engine does not update to the new files.
These are the operations I perform:
I create a folder "patch" in the top level structure
in project managers I do "promote to package"
I change the priority to 1 or 10 or more
then I recreate in the folder "patch" the same path of the folder "data" such scenes - myroom - src - scene_init.script
Obviously I copy the original content in this script and I change one little thing, for example I do speak the actor
I save and then I compile everything or just the folder "patch".
No results, whether I start the game from wme whether I start the exe file.
I use version 1.9.001

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Technical forum / 2.5D game and hidden geometry
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:41:28 PM »
Hello everyone, I studied a bit WME and I created some short 2D game. Now I would like to try with the 2.5D (my real goal) but I need some clarification despite having read the manual.
I tried to load the file geometry.3DS of wme_demo_3d in 3D Max just to get an idea, but one thing is not clear to me: if I have a background.png (or jpg) how I must proceed to create its hidden geometry? I have to load my image and build the geometry around it or first create the geometry, and then draw the imagine to overlap? Have you a link to suggest or a short tutorial that explains the first steps?
I just need a little push on this subject that I know a little then I should be able to proceed with my good will  :)


Feature requests, suggestions / End of development?
« on: October 20, 2015, 06:14:34 PM »
Is development of Wintermute finished?  :(

Technical forum / AddAttachment and inventory item
« on: October 15, 2015, 03:11:42 PM »
I can't find a solution for two days, I try to ask you.
Is AddAttachment () usable with inventory items?

If I write:

Code: [Select]
var myItem = Game.GetItem("bat");
var myBool = myItem.AddAttachment ("entities\my_entity\my_entity.entity", false, 0, 0);
// I tried to change the parameters
Game.Msg (myBool);

myBool is true but there is no visible entity attached to the item.
If I use the instruction with molly entity becomes visible.
I need to attach an entity or sprite to object inventory when Game.SelectedItem = true.

At this time I connected entity with the cursor through game_loop.script but I don't like, the entity does not move smoothly.

Do you have any suggestions?

Technical forum / Inventory box
« on: October 11, 2015, 05:15:52 PM »
Hello, I'm customizing the inventory and I'm trying to change the size dynamically according to the items contained and displaying on one or two lines.
No problem to resize the window and place it at the center of the screen, but I have difficulty with INVENTORY_BOX.
Can I dynamically change the value AREA {x, y, Width, Height}?
Or I should write on the file inventory.def (if that is possible)?

Technical forum / on LeftDoubleClick
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:11:32 PM »
Hello everybody, I would like to know if this is the correct way to proceed.
The character walking with left click but runs with the double left click.
At the moment I just move it without animation.
If in game.script simply I insert the code:

on "LeftDoubleClick"
    actor.SkipTo (Game.MouseX, Game.MouseY);

the character moves to the mouse but immediately after comes back and starts walking because it probably runs on "LeftClick"
If you use:

on "LeftDoubleClick"
    actor.SkipTo (Game.MouseX, Game.MouseY);
    actor.Reset ();

the character is not coming back.
Is this the right way to write this code?

Thank you


Technical forum / Complete Symbol and editor
« on: September 25, 2015, 04:38:15 PM »
Is it possible in the script's editor to automate the function Complete Symbol without pressing Ctrl + I? After entering word and dot it would be very convenient to see directly the suggestions of the code... The editor is SciTE but I could change it if necessary


Technical forum / Dialogs balloons
« on: September 25, 2015, 04:19:11 PM »
Hello everyone, I recently started using WME, I come from AGS, and I can't understand if is possible make square that contain the dialogues of the characters, the so-called balloons. I have not found in the help specific commands for this, do you think is possible in other ways?
Thank you

Sorry for my bad english  :(


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