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Title: Ambient light for scene
Post by: adonf on March 02, 2007, 06:43:21 PM

Our artists are complaining about the lack of ambient lighting in Wintermute. They have to put the scene lights behind the camera or the characters can get very dark, so the 3D actors are always lit the same way and the real-time shadows do not match the hand-drawn shadows from the scene. With ambient lighting they could put the 3D lights at the same position as the light sources and still have a realistic scene.

We can always put omni lights around the scenes as suggested here (, but it's a tedious process for something that could be done in 3 mouse clicks and the result wouldn't be perfect. Another option might be to set an ambient colour in the actor's material but I'm not sure that it works and if it does then the colour is set once for all scenes in the game unless we export a separate mesh for every kind of lighting (night, day, indoors...), that's not convenient either.

Is there a chance we might be able to set ambient lighting per scene in future versions of Wintermute ? Either in script or in the editor would be nice.

Title: Re: Ambient light for scene
Post by: Razorback on March 03, 2007, 04:21:42 AM
In my experience I only need like 5 omni lights to do the trick, doesn't take more than 10 seconds.