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Title: TalkAnimChannel: Talk animation does not stop
Post by: Eshaktaar on May 10, 2008, 08:56:46 AM
The talk animation of my 3d actor only affects the jaw. To let the idle animation play while he's talking, I set TalkAnimChannel to 1, so the idle animation plays in channel 0 and the talking in 1. The animation works well (using actor.Talk("blah")), but the actor doesn't stop moving his mouth once he's finished his line(s), and even when he walks into other scenes his mouth is still doing a fish impression.
Is this a bug, or do I need to turn off the talk animation manually every time?

Edit: In case it's not a bug, I found a way to do it manually by overriding the Talk method in the actor's script. Here's the code if anyone else runs into this problem:

method Talk(Text)
   // stop the player if he's still playing locomotive motions like walking/running
   if (this.IsAnimPlaying("Walk"))