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Title: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 12/05/11]
Post by: Adventurer4Life on March 16, 2010, 08:50:29 AM

Mnemonic has invited me to cross post my Adventure game reviews on this forum. To be honest I think it is because he is to lazy to subscribe to my RSS or my youtube channel and wants to be kept uptodate :) heh heh... Still I am happy to do this as I really do get a kick out of people watching them.

Quote from: WME IRC
<Adventurer4Life> Mnemonic: 2 new game videos btw
<Mnemonic> btw I wouldn't mind if you started a thread in wme forum pimoing the videos. At least I could view them later:)
<Adventurer4Life> sure I can do that... I post them on my blog it also has a rss feed iof you use Thunderbird or somthing
<Mnemonic> Still, a thread wouldn't hurt. You might get some new viewers.
<Adventurer4Life> "Software and games" hmm ok going to put it in software and games
<Adventurer4Life> "Useful software tools, discussion about games." soudns right
<Mnemonic> Yeah.

So anyway... Hi. A while ago as a way of learning Adobe Premier I made a video about Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father and posted it on youtube. I was really shocked at the response I got and was encouraged to do more. I am not a professional reviewer or anything and my videos show a clear progression of slowly getting better and I am finding this a pretty fun diversion/hobby. Still.. I am not a professional.. so just keep that in mind. I never really understood vbloging but I guess that is what I am doing now.

Anyway, I hope you like these vids. If you have a youtube account please subscribe and feel free to post any comments here or at youtube or at my blog. The ONLY posts I will remove are ones with spoilers.

See ya!!

Tubezen has disabled direct linking to download YouTube videos. So all my old direct mp4 download links do not work anymore. If you wish to keep any of my vids I recommend using the FIREFOX browser and simply installing the free plugin "Easy Youtube Downloader" You can then at a click of a button save any res version of the video on youtube or grab a mp3 at a click of a button

Happy Adventuring
Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 16/03/10]
Post by: Finn on March 16, 2010, 01:48:05 PM
Adventurer4Life, these are phenomenal vids! Really great to watch and, despite your protestations, they're very professionally put together. You know your subject matter and it shows. What I really like about them is that you give a lot of background information (history, making of, key players, etc.) and it's done at a perfect pace with a nicely pitched voice over. Being a DVD extras junkie, this seems the perfect format to feed a similar habit of documenting the history of the games being covered.

All I can do is implore you to make more - you obviously know what you're doing! :D
Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 16/03/10]
Post by: Akusa on March 16, 2010, 06:31:33 PM
Wow, just.... wow!
I watched some of your Reviews and im amazed how deep you walk into game design of these reviews. This is not just some "i loved this game, now go play it" but you point out why and how the game is so sensational. Exspecially you review of "The Colonel's Bequest" let me realize how narrow today adventure games treat this genre and how Sierra created in only some years such a great creative output. Now i feel ashamed to have said "Sierra Games were infinior to Lucas Arts Games".

I really have to thank you so much for broadening my adventure game horizont.
Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 21/03/10]
Post by: Adventurer4Life on March 20, 2010, 03:46:13 PM
Star Trek BORG

Hey guys... back with my last review for a while .I tend to do them in 2's but I did 3 this month!!! OMG... heh... oh well back to work now :)

Ok well this is for Star Trek BORG a FMV interactive star trek episode and a sorely under rated game imo. This is an old game from 1996 and was pretty hard for me to track down. I am still looking for a "in good nick" version of its predecessor Star Trek: Klingon. This game was a real pain to get running. I had to end up running it in a 95 virtualization. This was when applications came in both dos and windows, and Microsoft "encouraged" developers to check the OS before launching the games. If 95 is not detected, the game will not load, a really bad move and the bain of us retro gamers. There is a patch (Google: Star trek Borg patch) that gets it to run in XP, and I hear vista and win7.. but only in a 32bit environment. It will not run in 64bit windows at all, and for some reason my 32 bit XP virtualization wouldn't display, the videos played but appeared as black. Anyway.. I had to set up a 95 virtualization and that was a bit harder than you might think.. Still I got it working and it is well worth the effort if you are a trek fan, or just interested in FMV game in general.

Anyway, while this game is terrific and I really enjoyed it. I would only really advise it  for Star Trek fans (like me!) and anyone interested in the lost and, imo, ever under-valued and potentially amazing game type that is FMV.

I hope you like the video

Happy Adventuring

YouTube = Star Trek Borg (Review) (
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Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly)
Post by: Adventurer4Life on April 15, 2010, 03:58:11 AM
Penumbra Overture (Youtube)

Hello y'all!!

Well I know I said I would take a beak form these videos for a while but a mate suggested I played the Penumbra series and after a short while I knew I wanted to do a review on it. Then I heard that Frictional Games was about to release their new title Amnesia: The Dark Descent, like next month or something, so I quickly pumped this out.

Penumbra is a strange mix of genres and while the game resembles a survival horror it is much more in tune with older first person adventure games than games like Clock Tower or Dead Space. The game plays exactly like Zork Nemesis. You basically walk around in first person, exploring and solving puzzles, mainly item and object puzzles, though there is a few code puzzles. The big difference though from Zork or Myst or w/e is that as you walk you are simply terrified. I mean this game is really scary. There is little, and depending on your play style zero combat, so this defiantly isn't an action game But a big part of the game is focused on exploration of the spooky environment. So unlike traditional first person adventures the simple act of walking about is part of the gameplay design. Meaning that the puzzles, though a big part of it, are not as dense or complex as some tradition adventures due to the game needing to keep a strict eye on pacing. You see to keep us scared the game needs to constantly give us new areas to explore, it is the unknown that keeps us on the edge of our seat. So the pacing and puzzle density is also a bit different to what you may be used to. While this feels different to a classic adventure, it is a very unique game and if you are interested in a adventure style type game, but with a very well done survival horror twist, topped with a really unique and extremely good interface design then I would strongly suggest checking this one out.

Well that is it! I tried something new with this one... normally when i do a vid I just babble into the mic and then cut video to it, but this time I wrote it out first. I think it is a mixed success. While i seamed to get a lot more information into it, witch was the goal, I think it lost some of the "casual feeling" that the ad-libbing had. Also as it was a contained written "article" so I found editing it to fit the time was extremely hard, as removing any one bit would make the preceding or following section not make sense. So I ended up having to speak a little fast and my words kinda run together. So while this is pretty dense in information it is a bit formal and just lacks a bit of personality. I think this could be just practice... so we will see if I get better at this way of doing things

YouTube = Penumbra Overture (Review) (

Happy Adventuring

Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 15/04/10]
Post by: Adventurer4Life on May 20, 2010, 05:21:12 PM
Conquest of Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood

Hey all...

I'm back with a new review and this time I am doing one of my all time favorites form the Sierra game library. Conquest of Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood. This game is a true classic in every sense of the word. One of the last tittles form sierra before the switching to the more complex style of having audio speech This game is one of the last, and some would say the pinnacle of the dying breed of adventure games that had more incommon with books than films.

If you are interested in trying this amazing game it is one of the few titles that is legal abandonware. The game designer herself provides it (and its predecessor Conquest of Camelot ( for free on her website. There is also a really neat installer for those of you that are not very technically savvy and have troubles with DosBox... Simply download the game from Cirsty Marx's site ( and then unzip it into a directory, then download the installer from ( and place it in the same dir and run the exe.

So there is no reason not to try this classic game and experience one of the greatest love stories in adventure game history, though simply fantastic writing.

Have Fun and Happy Adventuring

Conquest of Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood (YouTube) (
Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 21/05/10]
Post by: Adventurer4Life on April 14, 2011, 03:06:24 AM
Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge

Hey!! I'm back!!

Here is my first review for a long time... I hope you like it. It is also my first review after being offered the YouTube partnership program... So i am no longer limited to 10 mins. This could be a bad thing.. heh.. oh well we will see what happens.

This is all about Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge. Though if you have seen my reviews before you might know I like to stray around the topic a bit to talk about some things I find to be very interesting things usually concerned with gaming history. Still it is sorta about space quest 2.... I mean I do mention it I am sure :)

Anyway ... I have bee extremely busy with real life and just not being doing much on my review channel for so long but it was really cool to finally get this one out the door and I hope to get more to you soon.

Save Often and Save Early

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Title: Re: YouTube Adventure Game Reviews (mostly) [updated 14/04/11]
Post by: Adventurer4Life on May 12, 2011, 04:30:45 AM
Portal 2

Hi guys...

A New Review!! I really should find a new name for my videos.. as a game review is pretty low down the list of things I would call my videos.. heh... Any suggestions?

Anyway.. this one is all about Portal 1 and 2. I hope you like it. As I am not limited to 10 mins a review anymore I noticed I am getting longer and longer .. this one is about 15mins.. I might have to do something to get this under control next time as my last review was also 15+ mins.

Anyway, I'll be taking a break for a bit but have a few other games in my list I want to look at that are all back on the original topic.. pure adventure games. So stay tuned for that.

One last thing!!

I have 2 copies of Portal 1 to give away!! So anyone that can email me a short 1 paragraph explanation of what their favorite adventure game character is and why! I'll select the 2 winners and send them a copy of Portal 1 to activate on steam, the 1st prize winner I will also do a video on their chosen game!!

Email -

Happy Adventuring!!

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