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Title: Introducing WME Lite
Post by: Mnemonic on April 28, 2011, 08:09:05 AM
What is WME Lite

WME Lite is a fork of the original Wintermute Engine 1.x. The code has been modified to be easily portable to other platforms. WME Lite only supports 2D games.
So far it has been ported to Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

WME Lite Documentation (

Unsupported and changed features

The following features of WME 1.x are NOT supported by WME Lite:

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to pay for WME Lite?
A: It depends. WME Lite itself is free, but it uses BASS library for sound, which requires that you buy a license if you are selling the game. You don't have to pay anything if you are releasing a freeware game.

Q: Will you add support for 3D characters to WME Lite?
A: No. Porting the 3D part of WME 1.x would require a lot of time and effort and I believe that time is better spent developing WME2. The goal of WME Lite was to quickly bring existing 2D WME games to other platforms.

Q: Will you port WME Lite to [instert your favourite platform here]
A: I don't have access to other platforms than Windows, OSX and iOS so personally I'm not planning any other ports. However, the source is open and I'm accepting patches. If you are a developer, you're free to port WME Lite to a new platform. It shouldn't be too complicated, as long as both SDL and BASS are available for the platform.

Q: What about Windows Phone 7 / XNA?
A: Unfortunately, WP7/XNA development is based on Microsoft's .NET platform and the C# language. Microsoft doesn't allow native C++ development for these platforms, so "porting" would basically mean "rewriting from scratch in a different programming language" in this case. In other words, WP7 port is not possible until Microsoft allows native C++ development.

Q: Are the tools also ported?
A: No, only the engine is ported. The actual game development still needs to be done on a Windows machine. But the resulting game packages (.dcp files) are runnable on other platforms.