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Title: Quick start guide
Post by: Dan Peach on July 13, 2012, 11:37:35 AM
Hello muties,

Thought I would make this simple quick start guide for people, who like me, don't have a lot of prior Mac experience, and who are struggling to understand how to get started using WME Lite to make an iOS game.

It is by no means a complete guide, and I make no claims as to its overall accuracy. It is simply what I have learnt, and what I have done, to get a game running on my iPhone. It should be used mostly as a jumping off point to get you started. :)

So, to get a game up and running on your iOS device you need 6 things:
1) A Mac
2) Xcode (downloaded from the app store on your Mac)
3) The WME Lite source code
4) The dependencies for graphics and sound
5) The data.dcp file from your Wintermute project.
6) An iOS developer account.

The source code
The source code cannot be downloaded in a simple .zip file as you might normally expect. It is stored online in a "repository". A repository, as I understand it, is simply a place online that is used to easily manage project code. In order to download the source code, you need to connect to this repository with a client. Once connected, you then "checkout", which will download the files contained within the repository to a folder you specify.

Downloading the source code
Luckily Xcode on your Mac has a built in client that will allow you to connect to the repository and download the source code.

When you open Xcode you should be presented with a "Welcome to Xcode" screen. The second option down is labelled "Connect to repository". You should click that.

You should then be presented with a screen asking for a "location". In this "location" field, you should enter

After you enter the address, it should say underneath that the "Host is reachable", and give you a new button marked "checkout". Click "checkout".

A familiar "save as" window will then pop up. In the "save as" field, enter the name that you wish to use for the folder where the files will be downloaded. Then navigate to the location where you want this folder to be. I just put it in the general "document" location. Then click "checkout" again. It will then say it's "checking out" and the files will be downloaded into the folder you specified.

The dependencies
To download these dependencies, simply go to and download the file marked Download them straight to your Mac as it's just quicker than downloading them to PC and transferring them.

Once downloaded, double click the .zip file to "expand" the files into a new folder. This is just like "extracting" them on your PC. Open this new folder.

Open a new "finder" window, go to the folder where you downloaded the repository files, and navigate to the folder trunk/xcode-ios/dep

Select the unzipped dependency files and drag them over to the "dep" folder.

Your data.dcp file
Copy this over to your Mac, and place it in the trunk/xcode-ios/wmelite folder.

Opening the Xcode project file
In the trunk/xcode-ios/wmelite folder, you will see a file called wmelite.xcodeproj. If you double click that, it will automatically load the WME Lite iOS Xcode project file.

At the top, select iPad/iPhone simulator, and click the play button to run the game in the simulator. Keep in mind though that the simulator doesn't really replicate an actual device at all, so it's best to test the game on a real device. :)

Running the game on a real device
In order to test the game on a device, you need to do 4 things:

1) Create and download a developer certificate.
2) Create an App ID.
3) Register your devices.
4) Create and download a provisioning profile to each device.

This is perhaps the most difficult area of the whole process to grasp, at least for me anyway, but there is a quick introductory guide here:

And plenty more in depth information in the iOS Developer Library here:

That's it. Hope this post is useful. :)
Title: Re: Quick start guide
Post by: piere on July 13, 2012, 05:22:02 PM
Great tutorial, but where is the trunk/xcode-ios/wmelite folder? It is not in any of the files on the page     ::slug
Title: Re: Quick start guide
Post by: Dan Peach on July 13, 2012, 07:48:13 PM
Forget that download page. You only need that page for downloading the file. For iOS development, that is the only file you need from that page.  :)

What you need to do is follow the steps I outlined for downloading the source code. Those steps will ensure that you download the source code files to your Mac hard drive. The trunk/xcode-ios/wmelite folder will be located in the place on your hard drive where you told Xcode to save the source code after connecting to the respository and clicking "checkout". :)
Title: Re: Quick start guide
Post by: piere on July 14, 2012, 12:07:07 AM
Hey Dan thanks. Got it working, but when I run the demo project, in the simulator it just says Loading and the game will not start. Also How would I transfer the game to my ipad / iphone for testing? thanks dude
Title: Re: Quick start guide
Post by: Dan Peach on July 14, 2012, 12:12:25 AM
You're welcome. :)

I don't think the demo project has been compiled in ProjectMan, so you'd have to compile it on your PC, then copy the data.dcp file over as I described.

I'll edit my original post tomorrow with steps on how to get stuff running on the actual device - I can't login to the Apple Dev Center tonight for some reason. :(
Title: Re: Quick start guide
Post by: piere on July 14, 2012, 12:18:20 AM
Ok thanks. Im a registered Apple developer so I just need help for the device  ::beer