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Title: Wme 1.9.1 with gamma correction
Post by: qvist on August 20, 2012, 01:34:28 PM
Hello everybody!

I have done a update to 1.9.1 so you now can change gamma. It is pretty much the same as in kinjals version.

The gamma-correction will only work in fullscreen mode and dxlvl 9.

I preserved the same methods as kinjal.
    -Game.SetGamma(int) - Integer value that sets gamma between 0(dark)-254(bright)
    -int Game.GetGamma() - Retruns current gamma
    -Game.SetGammaDefault(int) - Defualt value for gamma, default is 140
    -Game.RestoreGamma() - Sets gamma to the value of SetGammaDefault

Source Code: (
Binary: (

I got much help from kinjals version to write it. Big thanks to him!