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Title: Tattoo, Ultimate Unwrap3D, & Texture Maker
Post by: Orange Brat on December 22, 2004, 02:12:48 AM
Tattoo: You load your model and paint the texture onto it. It features 3DS, OBJ, and X export. I haven't had any time to try an export/import path to Milkshape and then to WME, but here's the link. It's free:

Ultimate Unwrap3D:  Superb model unwrapping/skinning program and shareware. There's an import/export plugin for just about any model format you can name...including Milkshape and MAX:

Texture Maker: Just as the name implies. ;)
Title: Re: Tattoo, Ultimate Unwrap3D, & Texture Maker
Post by: gfx johnny on December 22, 2004, 05:10:04 AM
I didn't know Tattoo (althoug i read the name some time ago), looks nice! Thx for telling us about it. :)
Title: Project Dogwaffle & Silo
Post by: Orange Brat on December 22, 2004, 07:20:37 AM
No problem. Here's a couple more.

Project Dogwaffle: "Natural" paint program. It functions more like using a realworld toolset than the usual cold Photoshop style programs. This is probably my personal favorite paint package and I think it is a better choice for producing adventure backgrounds that require that handpainted look. There's a free version and a commercial one.

Silo: I've posted this 3D package before but it's good enough to post a reminder. It exports to 3DS and allows for a variety of renderers to be used provided you have them installed. It's similar to the free Wings3D but is a commercial product, kept up to date, and is moving in the direction of animation and bones. It also features some cutting edge new features that allow you take a higher resolution model and draw over the mesh to produce a lower resolution one. This is handy for game models or for preparing a model for a multiple level of detail setup provided your game engine offers one. There's a commercial version and a free learning editon(limited save of 100 faces per file and plugins disabled)