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Title: Hardware T&L
Post by: odnorf on April 12, 2003, 12:25:11 PM
I saw in the registry that there is a disabled option for hardware T&L. I try to enable it but when I run my game the engine disables it again. Is this a true option? Does the engine uses T&L? And for what? Is there a real benefit for an adventure game from that option?

P.S. I have an Ati 9000pro 128MB which has hardware T&L which runs my game (vsync disabled) from 380 frames (scrolling scene with paralax scrolling, main layer 1400x600, second layer 1600x600) to 685 frames when there is only one 800x600 background with no active animated sprites.
Title: Re:Hardware T&L
Post by: Mnemonic on April 12, 2003, 02:07:11 PM
Yes, the engine is capable of using hardware T&L, but there's no need to use it for 2D graphics. It's there to support the 3D characters (if they reappear one day ;)) It's disabled for now.

Yeah, those Radeon cards are damn fast! ;D