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Game announcements / PALLADION
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:31:35 PM »
Please check out our last student project. We already presented the demo at the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, Germany.
We're looking for a financing publisher, so if you know any please let us know at   :)
Feel free to leave comments and tips for improvement !



I'm using Game.Reset() to restart my game, but also detaching and attaching the game.script in the first scene (menu). This all works fine, but the mouse freezes for 2 seconds while game.script is being loaded again.
Is there a better way to restart a game or some hidden function not mentioned in the docs?
Thx a lot.

P.S. for those of you in Germany, come check out our game demo at the Games Convention in Leipzig! Halle 2, HTWK-Stand

Technical forum / SetCursor() too slow in game_loop.script
« on: July 29, 2008, 07:07:43 PM »
Is it a good idea to change cursors dynamically in the game_loop.script, depending on what is under the mousecursor? It works but is very slow.... you can actually see it change from one cursor to the other within a second.

I use the following code-snippet in the while-loop:

Code: [Select]
  var ActObj = Game.ActiveObject; // evtl. für Mousecursor gebraucht ?
  var Item = Game.SelectedItem;
  if (ActObj != null)
if (ActObj.Type == "button" && !ActObj.Disabled && !ActObj.CanHandleEvent("RightClick")) ActObj.SetCursor("sprites\cursor\leftclick.sprite");
else if (Item != null && ActObj.Name != "inventory" && ActObj.Type != "window" && ActObj.CanHandleEvent(Item.Name)) ActObj.SetCursor("sprites\cursor\leftclick.sprite");
else if (Item != null && !ActObj.CanHandleEvent(Item.Name)) ActObj.SetCursor(Game.GetCursor());
else if (ActObj.CanHandleEvent("RightClick") && !ActObj.CanHandleEvent("LeftClick")) ActObj.SetCursor("sprites\cursor\rightclick.sprite"); // rightclick
else if (ActObj.CanHandleEvent("RightClick") && ActObj.CanHandleEvent("LeftClick")) ActObj.SetCursor("sprites\cursor\bothclick.sprite"); // both
else if (ActObj.CanHandleEvent("LeftClick")) ActObj.SetCursor("sprites\cursor\leftclick.sprite"); // left, needed?

This has been done in many adventure games, like So Blonde, where if I click really fast (many doubleclicks after another) the character runs smoothly until it reaches it's new destination, which is set at every doubleclick.

In WME my character twitches, because it wants to start the "run" Animation every time I double-click.

In the Wintermute Demo Game "Art of Murder" the character just switches back and forth from walk to run to walk, etc. (1x walk 2x run 3x walk 4x run and so on).
Not sure if I want to use this way.

Anyone have any ideas?

Technical forum / Using Hint-Icon Layer for windows
« on: July 28, 2008, 05:03:15 PM »

I'm using a hint-icon layer like the one posted in the WME Book :) Problem is, I can't use it for a window, because it is always on top of the created hint-icon layer.
Is there a way to easily make a window draw before the last layer of a scene?


I leave a scene at ActorEntry when stepping into a region. For less than a second I see a free entity table overlap my actor, if the actor is leaving the scene in front and below the table.
Any ideas why this could be happening ?


Technical forum / Query close-up layer
« on: July 16, 2008, 10:52:18 PM »
Is there a way to query if a Layer is a Close-up Layer? Would like to display hint-icons, not just for main layer but also a close-up, if it's active.
Thx :)

Technical forum / Running scripts and performance
« on: July 15, 2008, 02:40:39 PM »

we currently have 60 runnings scripts (r:2-3, w:1, p:59) in our 1st scene and would like to know if the passive scripts (p:59), which are mostly scripts for items and scene objects/entities/regions that are attached to them, affect the performance or not. If yes, what can we do to lower this? Also we use for almost every script we have, if that has anything to do with it.

I don't see any areas where AttachScript would be needed, because 95% of the scripts are attached to items or scene entities.

Technical forum / Strings longer than 4096 chars?
« on: July 10, 2008, 09:24:06 AM »

I'm storing long strings in variables in an .inc file and get an error when it is > 4096 chars. Is there a way to store bigger strings?

Technical forum / 3d actor slides before walking normally
« on: July 08, 2008, 01:52:27 PM »
I have a 3d actor made in Max and exported with Panda to a nick_walk.x file that looks normal and shows a fluid walk movement from beginning to end (83 frames).
Tried changing Velocity but didn't make sliding go away. When clicking to walk he slides for 1 second before continuing with animation.

We are at a loss at the moment :) Any help appreciated. Here is act3d file:

Code: [Select]
  NAME = "nick"
  SCRIPT = "actors\nick\nick.script"
  SHADOW_IMAGE = "actors\nick\shadow.png"
  SHADOW_SIZE = 12.0
  LIGHT_POSITION { -40, 200, -40 }
  SHADOW_TYPE = "stencil"

  SCALE = 160
  FONT = "fonts\vera.font"

  ;--- velocity

  ;--- external data
MODEL = "actors\nick\nick.x"
MODEL = "actors\nick\nick_walk.x"



There are a couple of points on the char that seem to be glued to the floor, therefore creating a melting effect.
This cannot be seen in 3ds max. Here's a screenshot, sorry for the darkness:

Any tips to fix this?

Technical forum / 3D actor walks slowly with high Velocity setting
« on: July 04, 2008, 07:53:15 PM »

we have modelled a character in 3ds max 9 and imported it into wintermute. Normally Velocity=60 should give a normal walk speed, but even with Velocity=120 the model is extremely slow.
Has anyone ever experienced this? Also Scale must be set pretty low (about 35) to get a good size, otherwise it's HUGE.


Technical forum / Changing response color at runtime
« on: April 21, 2008, 11:52:20 AM »

I would like to have a response greyed out if it's been chosen before (like links in internet browsers).
I thought of SetFont(), but that affects the whole window and not just 1 response line.
Is this possible? I've seen it done in other adventure games.

Technical forum / How to make taken item blink in inventory
« on: April 16, 2008, 09:22:55 AM »
Hello, I would like an item in a visible inventory blink for a few seconds after being taken. Using the this.Active attribute seems to only affect the item BEFORE it was taken.
How can I make an item in the inventory invisible then visible, then invisible etc.... 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



I would like to have a speech window over character's heads with background image (transparent solid color with white text) and would like the window to automatically resize to text.  But which "window" is it that is displayed over characters heads in the demos/tutorials? Or how do I access the spoken text 'window' if it cannot be changed in WindowEdit? Would be nice to have such 'speech windows' like in older sierra games or the new 'So Blonde' game.

I'm working on a small adventure game with 5 other students and am trying to become familiar with scripting the interface, dialogue, menues, and controls.

Thanks in advance,

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