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Technical forum / Big Frame rate drops.... unpredictably.
« on: April 30, 2006, 09:41:46 PM »
I'm experiencing a big framerate drop in between scenes in a demo project, made with WME1.5.2. It doesn't happen everytime I enter the scene, but when it does happen the project stays on 30fps, and slowly lowers as I play through additional scenes. The are music events cued in some scenes, and not others. I have removed music scripts to see if they were causing the problem. There was no change. The framerate still dropped after walking back and forth between the scenes several times. Also, I've tried 'unload' in-between scenes, to remove other actors. 

The weirdest thing is the fact that if I save a game (using the in-game save menu), quit, restart the PC, re-launch WME, launch the project and load my save game it is still 30fps! That means the low frame rate is saved to the save slot and cannot be reset (or the item/script causing the frame drop is being saved). So, there are two things puzzling me....

1: Why does the framerate drop in these scenes some of the time, but certainly not all of the time. I have attempted to replicate the drop through many actions, but it is totally unpredictable (to my eyes). The framerate remains low, regardless of restarting, closing all programs, etc etc.

2: Why does the framerate stay at 30fps from scene to scene, even when there are no actors or 3D assets displayed. Also, the low framerate is loaded with a savegame...regardless of scene, actor and geometry.

Any ideas? info? help? This has got me stumped.  ???


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