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Game design / Re: How many rooms?
« on: May 12, 2009, 02:02:23 AM »
Thanks for the advices.

Yes I do plan to have multiple states of each room (destructible I might add).  For something completely handdrawn it takes me about 8-12 hours to make a background.  If I push it I can make 2 per weekend.  6 months is 26 weeks so that should be plenty time left for actual programming and other graphics (let's not forget the sprites!)

I would love to do placeholders but I plan to build the entire playset in one big model then go around with a camera taking angled shots... technically I can add more rooms if necessary if they lead to better transitions between scenes.  And should I tweak the model extensively I'll need to retake the camera shots and redefine the paths again.

Game design / How many rooms?
« on: May 11, 2009, 01:46:48 PM »
Hi all,

I'm just a hobbyist and new to adventure gaming, so I'm not sure if this question's been answered before, I tried searching but only retrieved vague answers.  It would be nice if some veterans would be able to gauge the amount of effort required and provide a specific answer.

I'm planning to take about 6 months - 1 year creating an adventure game all by myself - composing all the music, doing all the scripting, and creating all the graphics.  I'm really tempted to go 2.5D but I figured having to touch up the renders would become a chore enough, so I couldn't even begin to think about exporting for the .x format.

I want to be able to sell the game for $8-12, so it has to be relatively short (3-4 hours), so I can concentrate on quality.

The question is how many rooms would a game in this range have?  Right now I have 16 rooms all mapped out but there will be back-and-forth and I read that having to pass through a scene many times is a big no-no.  Then again I have more experience with rpgs so I think of the rooms as town locations so there wouldn't necessarily have to be a puzzle to unlock each one, only in the 'dungeon' (puzzle-solving) locations.  I plan to execute everything simply through various ways of inventory manipulation, so a big portion of my game design involves special objects - one-time use, reusable, etc. in various combinations.

It seems there are quite a number of industry professionals here so this forum's pretty quiet since everyone else besides myself seems to know what they're doing.  Thank you for your time ^_^.

I want my game to be playable on Windows netbooks, and many of them are still 1024 x 600 (I don't even want to think about the 800 x 480 ones)

So I'm torn between

1280 x 800
1024 x 640
960 x 600

This will be a fully 2D game with minimal effects, but 3D-rendered.

Community bulletin board / New migrant here
« on: April 16, 2009, 09:59:49 AM »
Hello and I'm happy to have found this place.

I'm a jack of all trades and not really talented in anything in particular, but I still consider myself a 'veteran' in terms of making small freeware amateur games.
In order of preference:
1. 2D Art
2. Composing music
3. Writing stories and script
4. Programming

I'd love to contribute to this community sometime, but I still have deliveries to do from the old one.

This was my fondest project, although it's 2 years old (sorry for plug):

Of course coming from the visual novel community I'm sort of biased towards the anime style.  In any case i came across The Wintermute Engine thanks to discovering the freeware game The White Chamber.

I just upgraded many of my tools so I hope to create a new 'flagship' project for myself -- you won't probably hear from it anymore until it's actually done (in a year or so lol).  I don't expect it to break any boundaries since it's my first time in the adventure game scene, but still I hope I won't totally suck.

I looked at AGS but didn't like the resolution limits, also checked out Visionaire but didn't like the licensing limitations there.  In summary I wanted to do something similar to Playstation 1 era JRPGs but without the combat... just the walking around on top of handdrawn backgrounds, and tinkering with inventory, so an adventure game engine seemed to be the right choice.

Gotta run!

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