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Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know about a new Adventure community I created called "All things Point and Click Adventure Games". It's meant to be a community for everyone to promote their games, engines and needs for their projects as well as a place to discuss playing adventure games. You can find it here: And it is open to the public, free to join and no ads of course. I am trying to build up it's membership. If you find it useful, please share the link. There's not much there right now as it was started like 15 minutes ago, but with your help we can add content. This is not engine specific, but it is a place to bring all adventure gamers and developers together. The purpose is to expand on the resources you need to make a game or promote it and allow others to really get to know about Adventure Games in general. Check it out and offer suggestions and criticism.

This is a great little community to catch up on news related to Adventure games, playing and developing them. You can find loads of resources here, advertise your game or needs and do other things here.

Announcements - Look here for news pertaining to Adventure Games or Engines or even this community

General Discussion is for discussing things about adventure games that don't quite fit in any other category.

Own physical copies of a classic game and want to sell it? Let us know in that category.

Created a game? Let us know in the Promote your game category. Or promote your engine in the promote your engine category.

Have a game on Indiegogo, Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites? Then promote your crowdfunding game in the crowdfunding category.

Want to promote your skills as a developer or artist or even a musician or any other talent? Then post that you are seeking employment.

Need Help on your game project? Seek help in the appropriate category.

Need hints or want to show us your work of art or even receive criticism for a WIP, please post that here too!!

Please make sure all content is appropriate for a 13 year old and enjoy yourselves!

No Problem. Tell all your friends about it!

I have been working on a site for an all-adventure community. This site is mainly for finding downloads and archiving great software and all software in general related to Adventure Games. But its biggest feature is the social aspect of it and the development aspect of it. The site is a great portal for finding resources that will help in your game development and a great resource for finding the latest news and stuff. The site is a work in progress. But I need your help. I need you to check out the site and tell me what you think of it, what you would like to see/ what improvements I need to make and what would have you all keep coming to the site as a main Adventure resource site.

For now let me tell you the main features it has:

General site features:
You can translate the site into several languages.
You can bookmark the site to Google, yahoo, twitter, etc...
You can search the site.
Awards and Hall of Fame. HOF coming soon.
Store-- Coming soon.

Social features:
An IRC type chat engine built into the site itself.
Private Messaging
Users have a personal page
Users can have blogs.
Users can create and join User specific groups.

Downloads(Games, engines, tutorials, etc...)
Publish your game with us... Not yet implemented.

Fan Fiction section
Fan art section to come soon.

Team Development:
Project starter/Personal Projects
Post a search for a team.

Profile/Profile Searching:
You can see your user page.
You can see your awards.
You can add what games your working on.
You can put in contact info.
You can tell us what your 10 favorite games are.
You can specify what skills you have and to what degree you can use them.
You can specify what languages you speak.
You can upload personal files.
You can have a user gallery showcasing your art work or art and images in general.
You can have a personal guest book for yourself.


A note about "Project Starter/Personal Projects". This is a great tool. You can create a project (Game, or Engine or whatever, as long as its adventure related). You can add users and give them permissions and access levels. Your project can have news and task assignments and a calendar. You also  have a private forum just for your project members and more. Everything stays private or public depending on your settings. You can also upload your files. I feel that this is a great way to get Teams working and organized on projects.

What I will need from you:
I need input and suggestions. If I can have board moderators and even site administrators, that would help immensely. If you have resources, games, tutorials, artwork... ANYTHING that you can upload to the site, that would help content-wise. Bug-testing would also be a big help. Eventually Donations for server costs would be helpful as well. If you want to host specific sites for specific projects, such as RON or anything, that would also help with content and visitors. Also promote the site where you can.

Future items:
Hall of Fame
Adventure Top Sites
Anything you can think of.

Thanks all for listening and for your help. The site is .

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