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General Discussion / Re: Mnemonic´s photo
« on: August 28, 2009, 02:52:50 PM »
Well, in the past.
I'm talking about present.
Johnny John (Jan) - is the name for a man I think, but maybe somebody tell me something interesting :)

General Discussion / Re: Mnemonic´s photo
« on: August 28, 2009, 11:01:11 AM »
I'm not sure if it was a joke, or serious:)
To topic,

To Fox,
Why you need a photo of Mnemonic? (OMG:))
To meta,  ;D
To mylesb,
Mnemonic come from Czech Republic (I think metamorphium too) and in Czech Republic (CZ for short) and some other countries, is "Jan" (original "Ján") a name for men.
So his full name is Jan (Ján) "Mnemonic" Nedoma (Jan (Ján) Nedoma) and he is man (To Fox : sorry if you like to see a photo of nice woman) :-D ).

WME sources discussion / Re: Errors in compilation
« on: August 10, 2009, 01:38:46 PM »
To Catacomber -    
Thanks for you help,
To you question:
If you have installed DX 9 and you want to install DX8 SDK, you do not lose you DX9 installed files. (so you CAN install DX8 SDK)
But! - DONT INSTALL DX8 - YOU CAN INSTALL DX8 SDK, BUT NO DX8 (Redistributable)!!!     

So you can install this, without lose you DX9:
But you CANT install this:
or this:
Or something similar.

WME sources discussion / Re: Errors in compilation
« on: August 10, 2009, 01:21:01 PM »
To lacosaweb -    
Sorry, but I do not have VS 2008 installed now, but I found this solution to a similar problem:

Basically what happened was that I thought that the issue was with the Visual Studio Include files order (see Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories->Show directories for: Include files). Only a while later did I realize that the problem was that the project itself had some include files (see project Properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->General) that takes precedence over the Visual Studio Include files.  I also included the directshow header files in the VS Include files, but this time, since they were explicitly listed there, I could choose which order I wanted them in, i.e. that the Platform SDK had higher priority than the DirectX directories.

Other than that I had to patch a few bugs with the BaseClasses source files. One was the "operator=(LONG);" issue already discussed elsewhere in this thread.  In a few places there were "int"s declared in for loops that had to be declared outside the for loops.

May be this helps you.
And try VS 2008, not 2005, I dont know, but maybe this help... 

WME sources discussion / Re: Errors in compilation
« on: August 07, 2009, 06:25:06 PM »
I found this in the readme:

"There are four configurations available: Debug, Release,
Debug_D3D9 and Release_D3D9. The former two compile DirectX 8 version
of the engine, the latter two DirectX 9 version."

So if I have either DirectX8 or 9 installed, shouldn't I be all right?  I haven't tried compiling yet and can't until tonight or tomorrow--probably tomorrow as am wiped out.  :  )

Only reason am asking questions before trying to compile is that someone scared me about compiling and I want to know what to expect.  :  )

It should be right,
But I have Visual Studio 2008 Express, DirectX 9.0c 2009, DirectX SDK for DX 9 - 2009 and I have the same problem as here, maybe Mnemonic can upload his SDK here and Mnemonic...You compile WME witch VS 2008 Express?   

DX 8 SDK may be help, but I do not have on my PC, Mnemonic...with version of SDK you have?

WME sources discussion / Re: Errors in compilation
« on: August 07, 2009, 04:47:22 PM »
Mnemonic, thank you.  If I use the DX 8 SDK will it overwrite my current later version DirectX files?  Do I have to put it in a special place---like the compiler?  I've done this before to run something but forgot what I did and whether my DirectX current version was wiped out.

Thanks for your help. 

And you have DirectX 9 on you PC?

WME sources discussion / Re: Errors in compilation
« on: August 07, 2009, 03:02:57 PM »
Thats is DX8 missing files problem.
Try the DX 8 SDK, because the error is missing DirectX 8 files, so this [ ] should help you.
You need in the Visual Studio 2008 set the path to the header files of DX 8 SDK.
Another problem may be the Visual C ++ 2005 Redist. installed together with Visual Studio 2008. (Try to uninstall the VS C + + 2005 Redist..) 
Please write how to this help.

General Discussion / Re: FUTURE OF WME 1 (UPDATED!)
« on: August 04, 2009, 07:40:13 PM »
I already told you in IRC that I will get to it, eventually. What's the point in asking the same question xxx times?
Also you didn't say what "horrible" bugs you're talking about.
Hi Mnemonic,
Sorry, I do not want to "attack" you:)
Sorry for my previous post.
Only it seemed to me that you work only on WME2 already.
I just want to, even bugfix-rel for WME1 because WME2 have a long way to go.

For example, the following bugs is not good:

And I dont know, this ( for example has already been fixed ?
I am not sure but is this bug? (In WME?)

And this will be fixed in WME2?

And I am sure there are other bugs, but WME is for me the best engine in the universe. (:)) - ( I have lots of commercial engines at home too, but WME is free and is the best.)
I did not want to "offend" you.
I will greatly appreciate your work.
WME is free/open source and great!

Sorry again.



General Discussion / FUTURE OF WME 1 (Solved)
« on: August 02, 2009, 11:31:58 AM »
Hi Mnemonic,
I want to ask if you whether you plan to issue the last wme1 version, which corrects all (at least all important) bugs in wme1....?
UPDATE: If you intend to , what will be the date of relase? (  

Thanks for your response and thanks for WME:)

Edit: The new version of WME 1x.x does not need new features.
New WME 1 need "just"... - "Only":) bug fixes, because they conclude the series 1.x(.x) without any (serious) bugs (But some bugs in 1.8.10 is...horrible so fixing this bugs would be very nice from you.   

I know that you do not have a lot of time and (maybe) you do not have any motivation, but I now work in the great:) adventure project and I need WME without bugs... (It is easy to say that...I know:)

I want to present my project, when I have the first demo, so keep your patience with me:)
And...Sorry,  but my English is"!...!":)

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