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Software and games / Re: Windows Media Player 12 maximize fix (Windows 7)
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:28:13 PM »
Just to add my thanks as well. Figured it must be some stupid setting somewhere in the system or Control Panel. But querying the net - yikes! MS dropped a few balls on this Win7.

The other thing I hate, and maybe there's a fix for this as well - having to constantly select 'Type' from a list when I go to Sort something in a folder. I do a lot of audio work, and inevitably wind up with Wavelab .GPK (peak) and .MKR (marker files strewn throughout. Up to WinXP I could simply right click/Sort By/Type, and volla! All GPK and MKR stuff would go to the top where I could quickly highlight and delete them.

But this bit of "Right Click - Sort By - Select From List - Type - OK - Right Click - Sort By - Type" It sounds like something right out of the movie Brazil or something? I'm off to join Harry Tuttle's gang if that keeps up at Central Services, er - I mean 'Microsoft'! ;)

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