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I am using Fragmotion to model 3D characters. Sometimes when I import them into WME I get strange results. I believe this has been covered a few times here in the forums but there has never been a really satisfactory answer that I have found. I've spent some time collecting evidence and I believe the problem lies within WME.

Here are some examples. These are two ways of exporting using FragMotion

The animation that is being played when this effect happens (you may be able to guess) is a breathing animation where the breathing bone scales (no rotation, no location shift). I can email someone the .x file but I'd rather not post it on the net.

For a minute if we ignore that fragmotion completely screws up the second case the important thing is that WME displays the model differently than the MS DirectX Viewers. It seems to me as if this would be a fairly simple fix of maybe not reading coordinates from the .x file in the right order or perhaps a wrong scaling factor. The animation looks right, it just seems to be scaled in the x and z direction by a factor of 2 or 3.

Please let me know if/how I can provide more information. What do you need?

The second link is broken.
What I normally suggest is not to use matrix keys. The matrix keys have to be decomposed to translation-rotation-scale anyway to allow for smooth interpolation (the DX viewer doesn't do that). And I'd guess the wrong scale is the result of this decomposition.

Thanks Mnemonic and sorry about the broken links. I lost the second file somewhere.

Incidentally the second picture is here:

When I try without matrix keys the distortion is HUGE!! I'm not really concerned with the fact that the lungs are distorted so much as the distortion of the rest of the model. I mean, look at that head!!! It's huge  :P

What I'm really curious about though is why the WME rendering is distorted compared to the DirectX viewer.

What would cause this?

Ok, I never figured it out but instead I spent a whole weekend and managed to get Blender animations to export (!!!! ::rock)

I'm writing up a short guide for those who are interested. I'll try to post it some time this week. Nothing revolutionary or new, just a very specific set of steps you need to follow. Also I'm starting to work on the .x export script that comes with Blender so that there are less cleanup steps. Of course I'll post that too if I get it working.

So this means all my mac-y and linux-y development cohorts can now start work again.... even if they won't be able to play the game.   ;) and I can use blender which is 1. Free 2. Awesome 3. Did I say awesome?

A flawlessly working Blender export would be indeed awesome :) Please keep us informed.


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