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Bug in mouse events depending on desktop resolution / full screen mode

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I think that there is a bug in the mouse events depending of the resolution of the game.

When the desktop has a resolution greater than the game and the player uses the options "Use desktop resolution" or "Maintain aspect ratio", the events "LeftRelease" and "LeftClick" doesn't is detect. This bug only occurs in a full screen mode, in windowed mode the game runs correctly.

I have detected this bug when I've adapt the configuration window of the "Fred" demo to my own game and Darky ask me about the slide bars control. Jose has been tested the bug and he can say more details about the testings.

I know that Jose has tried to disable the option "Use desktop resolution", but this not solve the problem becouse the option "Maintain aspect ratios can't be disabled". Also, Jose tried to propagate the events, and use some methods like LockMouseRect and others to create a workaround to solve this, but he doesn't can.

The Fred demo source is here: , in this project you can test the bug:

- Your resolution must be greater than 800 x 600 (Game resolution)
- Run the project.
- Choose Use desktop resolution or Maintain aspect ratio (Used desktop resolution can be marked to yes in the Project manager).
- Don't choose "run in window"
- When the game is running press ESC key
- Choose "Opciones" in the option menu.
- Try to change any sound volume
- Uack! The game is hanged

The temporary solution is that the slide control can't be interactive, we use two buttons (+ and -) to modify the volume, and the button of the slide will be changed for a indicator.

I'm aware of this, thanks.

Hi Mnemonic,

are you planning to release a patch to solve this error?

Thanks a lot.


--- Quote from: Jose on September 01, 2009, 11:08:27 AM ---Hi Mnemonic,

are you planning to release a patch to solve this error?

Thanks a lot.

--- End quote ---

Mnemonic told me on IRC, "I am working on the new version", so just wait and have patience :)


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