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Author Topic: Totally offtopic help request... need english (native) narrator  (Read 2165 times)

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i have my game project on pause, since we started to create south park-like animation (maybe animation series, dont know yet).
We are doing series intro, trailer and first episode now as we speak, but we dont have all actor talents yet.

StarWade is the name of the series, science fiction comedy...

So question is... we need native english narrator to replace the Patrick Steward, in similar intro narration than in star trek TNG.
The guy or girl im looking for needs to be "adult", so 25 in age and preferrably older (We could not get Mr. Steward)  ;D

Of cource, name will be in credits etc. and if our small project ever produces anything, i will make sure that all participans will get at least something  ::rock

If ya are able to help (you have decent mic, possibility to record etc.), and are interested, please contact me via email at mad @

Im keeping as much information myself at this point (before any release from StarWade), of cource, partisipants and narrator candidates will get more info.

Ps. We are also looknig voice talents, so email me if ya are interested in

Thanks for your interest and help  ;)

Starwade is coming... Repent

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