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How to see all the scripts in which a global variable is used?


Topic title is pretty descriptive.

I have a global and it's value changes between scenes. But I have literally dozens of scripts, and I don't remember exactly in which ones I use the global.

I would like to avoid checking all scripts (for obvious reasons...too time consuming  ;D ), so is there a way to see all the scripts in which a global is used?

Thanks guys!  ::rock

I don't know of a way you can achieve this in Wintermute. For such tasks though, I usually use a very nice feature of Notepad++ ( which is called "Find in files". You can give it the name of the variable, the folder in which to search and even the extensions of the files you want to search into and it will tell you where the variable is used.

Cheers!  ::beer

I actually mnaged to find a prolem by checking aa script for something else and found what's cauding the change.

But that feature of Notepad++ will definitely come in handy in the future.


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